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Mary –Jo and her fiancé, Bobby Doe have decided to get married on November 30th 2014, which is in 3-month time. This Project will define, plan, execute and implement the wedding. It is important to be an event on which everybody can look back on with fond memories. The aim of the Project is to plan a wonderful wedding experience for both families and also for the wedding guests. The budget will be of $20,000 and the maximum number of quests will be 150.

Project Objectives

The entire wedding budget is set at $20,000. The reception will take place in a hall and the maximum number of guests is 150. It will be a legal and proper wedding ceremony. The wedding will take place in 3 months, in a reception hall.

Major Deliverables

Invitations and thank you notes
Print Menus and Programs
Order Favors
Hire a photographer and videographer
Ceremony-book Officiant
Location Rental for ceremony and reception
Book caterers, choose menu
Order cake
Arrange for a band/DJ/entertainment

The following items are not covered by this Project and are the responsibility of the bride and broom:

Bachelorette and bachelor party
Wedding Dress
Groom’s attire
Bridesmaids’ dresses
Honeymoon arrangements
Writing the Wedding Wows
Hair and make-up arrangements
Wedding rings

Proposed Process

The Project Team will ensure accomplishment of the above by:

*providing different choices of wedding/ceremony venues, catering arrangements, cake arrangements, wedding decorations, wedding music, transportation choices; *providing a breakdown budget;
*researching different costs in relation to the budget;
*analyzing the proposed choices in terms of costs and customer satisfaction.

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Related Products and Proposed Resource List

Project Dependencies refer to the 3rd parties involved in planning and executing the Project, such as the caterers, the florists, the company
providing the invitations/menus/programs/thank you notes, the band or DJ, the transportation company, the Ceremony Officiant.

Proposed resources:

Project Customers

The end customers will be the bride and groom and the families of the bride and the broom. Their expectations must be met and their feedback will be taken into consideration when booking/reserving or otherwise making any decision related to the present Project.

Customer Requirements

It has been determined that Mary-Jo and Bobby do not want a high-end wedding. It is desirable to have a wedding within the budget, with quality services that fit the allocated budget. All Major Deliverables must be organized and booked/reserved by the wedding day. No Major Deliverable should be postponed and/or delayed. Once a decision has been made, it should not be changed and/or altered. This will ensure a smooth and clear progression of the Project.

Customer Needs/Key Attributes

It is a known fact that planning a wedding is very stressful for the bride and groom. As such, this Project will help diminish the stress and ensure a linear course of events. The bride and groom will enjoy their Wedding day without worrying over different aspects of the event.

Project Stakeholders

The Project Sponsors are the bride’s parents, who are funding the wedding. They have set the budget, the maximum number of guests and the legality of the wedding.

The Customers are Mary-Jo and Bobby Doe, who will make the decisions and approve the schedule.

The wedding guests are not responsible for any decision and/or part of the wedding, however they should be taken into consideration when planning the wedding. They should have a lasting memory of the event.

The Project Team will work closely with the Project Manager to ensure coordination and implementation of the decision made. They will also help with the research.

Project manager

The Project Manager is the mother of the bride, who will have full authority on the Project and over the budget, and terms of the present project. She will hire the Team Members, allocate the tasks to the Team Members, build a budget breakdown and a schedule. The Project Management will ensure the Project is on time and within the budget.

Preliminary Schedule

The below proposed Preliminary Schedule is to be submitted to the Project Customers for approval as soon as possible.

September 1st to September 30th: Set wedding date; select and reserve the ceremony site; Select and reserve the reception location; Work on the guest list; Select and reserve a photographer, videographer, florist, DJ or musicians, and a caterer; Begin to plan the menu; Select and order wedding invitations, announcements, thank-you notes.

October 1st to October 31st: Finalize guest lists; mail the invitations; Choose a bakery and order wedding cake; Order any party favors; Decide on reception decorations and order or begin making them; Arrange for transportation on the wedding day.

November 1st to November 29th: Keep a record of RSVPs and gifts received; Finalize menu for the reception; Obtain the marriage license; Finalize the wedding flowers with florist; Confirm reservations and details with photographer, caterer, DJ, videographer, baker and any other professionals, including any special photos wanted, specific music during a first dance.

Preliminary Budget

Reception: Spend 40% of the Wedding Budget on Reception.

Total Budget: $20,000 x 0.4 = $8,000 available for the reception

Example costs: site fees, catering costs, bar and beverages, wedding cake, etc.

Music: Spend 10% of the Wedding Budget on Music

Total budget: $20,000 x 0.1 = $2,000 available for music

Example costs: ceremony music, cocktail hour music, DJ fees, etc

Flowers: Spend 15% of the Wedding Budget on Flowers

Total budget: $20,000 x 0.15 = $3,000 available for flowers

Example costs: bridal bouquet, wedding party flowers, table centerpieces, etc.

Wedding Attire: Spend 15% of the Wedding Budget on Wedding Attire

Total budget: $20,000 x 0.1 = $3,000 available for wedding attire

Example costs: wedding gown, dress alterations, wedding veil, lingerie, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup, etc.

Photography: Spend 10% of the Wedding Budget on Wedding Photography

Total budget: $20,000 x 0.1 = $2,000 available for wedding photography

Example costs: Engagement portrait, photography, videographer, wedding album, etc.

Stationary: Spend 5% of the Wedding Budget on Stationary

Total budget: $20,000 x 0.05 = $1,000 available for wedding stationary

Example costs: wedding announcements, wedding invitations, postage stamps, wedding programs, table place cards, etc.

Additional Expenses: Spend 5% of the Wedding Budget on Additional Expenses

Total budget: $20,000 x 0.05 = $1,000 available for Additional Expenses

Example costs: attendants’ gifts, marriage license fee, wedding day transportation, etc.

Approval Requirements

The Project Sponsor approved this Project Charter.

The Bride approved this Project Charter.

The Groom approved this Project Charter.


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