Chart and Reflection Essay

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Chart and Reflection

1980 Election
This was a political event because it caused a change in the government. Americans wanted a firm, patriotic leader who had a plan to fix the economic problems carrying over from the 1970s. Jimmy Carter was running for reelection, and Americans overall were very unhappy with his leadership. Ronald Reagan emerged as his challenger, a former actor with great public skills and a plan. They elected Ronald Reagan in 1980 who had a controversial plan for fixing the U.S. economy, later dubbed “Reaganomics.” 1980 Reagan Doctrine

Treaty of 1987
the president’s foreign policy in the 1980s of supporting anti-Communist revolutions.
reduced existing weapons.
the Reagan Doctrine would not shy away from directly confronting Soviet-supported regimes or groups.
prevent nuclear proliferation in our own territory and around the globe.  U.S. support favored groups that, while not Communist, were not democratic either. The most controversial of these efforts was in Nicaragua.

Mikhail Gorbachev took control of the Soviet Union. He believed that the future of the Soviet Union depended on important reforms and began to implement two programs. the policy led to U.S. involvement in conflicts around the world.

Part 2: Answer the following questions in a complete paragraph of your own words. Do you think President Ronald Reagan’s policies had a positive or negative effect on the country overall? Explain your response. Reagan’s foreign policy actions were very positive because they lead to the end of the Cold War and the threat of communism that had been plaguing America for decades.

What do you think was the most significant event of the 1980s and why?
-Ronald Reagan elected president
-Britain’s elite SAS frees Iranian embassy in London after being taken over by terrorists
-52 Americans held hostage are returned home after 444 days in captivity
-Ronald Reagan survives an assassination attempt by John Hinckley
-Riots in Brixton and inner cities in Britain

-Britain’s Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s wedding
-Discovery of AIDS virus
These events are significant because they have had an impact on our country today.

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