Charlotte’s Web Paper Essay

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Charlotte’s Web Paper

Charlotte’s Web is a magnificent children novel written by an American author E.B.White about a friendship between a spider and a pig. This story then became very famous and won several awards so it is decided that to produce a film based on the Charlotte’s Web story. Although the film and the book had a similar story line, it still got some minor differences among them that may change the excitement of the story.

First of all, the differences among the book and the film is that in the book, a girl called Fern, who saved a runty pig named Wilbur from her father who was trying to use an axe to kill him, got to school and thought of him all day long. However, in the film, Fern brought Wilbur to school and got in trouble by Wilbur knocking off her table which was causing a chaos. This made it more exciting rather than just sitting down and thinking of Wilbur.

Moreover, in the film, there are two crows wanting to eat Templeton, an uncooperative rat. Whereas the book did not have two crows c hasing Templeton. The chase was very funy. This made the film more interesting and more hilarious and would made the audience like this movie more. Furthermore, in the book, the horse is not mentioned to be afraid of Charlotte. Yet in the film, the horse was really scared of Charlotte.

Whenever he saw Charlotte, he ran around in circles crazily, faint, cry, or even panic. This will make the audience clearly remember this character or even make some children laugh. Last but not least, in the book, there is no smoke house in Zuckerman’s barn. On the other hand, in the film, there is a smoke house and Wilbur is very scared of it because it will turn him into smoke bacon and ham. This would grab the audiences’ attention.

Therefore, from all the differences listed above, It is obiously that the film is better than the book because it is more attracting.

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