Charles Perrault Bio Essay

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Charles Perrault Bio

Charles Perrault is a famous French poet and author recognized for writing the Mother Goose fairy tales. He was the seventh child from his father Pierre Perrault and mother Paquette Le Clerc, born on January 12 of 1628 in Paris, France and then died and indefinite death which means it is undefined that was on May 16, 1703. He was a Roman Catholic. He married Marie Guichon in 1672 when she was nineteen years old, with her he had three children and when delivering the third one Marie passed while giving birth in 1678, which left them to be married for only six years. After her death Perrault never remarried. Career wise Perrault didn’t start out as a poet; he was actually a lawyer who was in charge of royal buildings in 1660.

Perrault also took a huge share in the making of the Academy of Sciences and the renewal of the Academy of Painting. But then later on he worked in the Academic Française where he played an important role of literacy disagreement as many know today had to do with the clash between the Ancients and the Moderns, to which Charles coincided with the Moderns.

Perrault then decided he was going to spend the rest of his lifetime promoting the education of literature and the arts. Where then he started to become a well-known as a poet with stories such as “Red Riding Hood”, “Puss in Boots”, “Cinderella”, and “Donkeyskin”. “Donkeyskin” is a famous French literacy and was republished by Perrault in 1697 with a little help from Andrew Lang another popular poet. “Donkeyskin” was the French version of Cinderella. There are plenty of versions of “Donkeyskin” but Perrault’s is the most well-known and made him popular.

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