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Charles Keith

Charles & Keith is a Singaporean shoe brand that dedicated itself to “trendy shoppers”, driven by attention to product design and the larger picture of fashion trends to deliver distinctive, fashion forward styles at a fast pace. Positioned as having an attitude that “exudes style and confidence”, Charles&Keith offers a wide range of shoes, bags, and accessories at affordable prices.


High economic freedom
Hong Kong is well known as one of the world’s best shopping place, from products at reasonable price until luxury goods $381.9 billion GDP and $52,722 PPP per capita
Inflation very stabilize – 4.3% (CPI)
The value of retail sales shows great number

Hong Kong as a global free port and financial hub continues to be consistent on the free flow of goods, services, and capital. With an efficient regulatory structure, sophisticated capital markets, and simple and low taxation, Hong Kong continues to offer the most convenient platform for international companies doing business on the country. Hong Kong is a very strategic market for Charles&Keith because of their popularity as one of worlds’ best shopping place. Hong Kong offers world class quality shopping experience; therefore this is a very big opportunity for a fashion brand like Charles&Keith to increase their sales. High GDP per capita (PPP) and the stabilize inflation in Hong Kong widen the possibility for Charles&Keith to survive in the highly competitive fashion brands, as Charles&Keith also offers good quality products at the reasonable price. Moreover, retail sales in Hong Kong are showing great numbers of value, makes Hong Kong even better as Charles&Keith market target.

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