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Charles Dickens Essay

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Dickens starts his story with a funeral to present a dark and gloomy theme to this Victorian society. The main character is man named Ebenezer Scrooge. Stave 1 starts off with Scrooges partner, Jacob Marley. Marley has recently passed away and Scrooge is the person who signed for his funeral. From this stave he presents Scrooge’s character with puns such as sole executor or sole administrator. It continues on about Scrooge and his soul and of how “External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge.

No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him. ” Scrooge is described as a cold and frosty man, whose heart was so black and filled with greed. The language used in Stave 1 for Scrooge’s character and attitude to Christmas and other people portrays him as a cold-hearted man, chilled to the very core of his heart. No room for emotion and just greed and gold instead. Dickens shows Scrooge art the start of stave two, three, four as a gradual change of heart.

In the second stave Dickens introduces the reader to Scrooge’s sadder part of life, the part of Scrooge’s life which he regrets. The third stave shows Scrooge to the present and current people he is affiliated with and about ignorance and greed, shown as two pitiful children; the Ghost of Christmas Present leaves Ebenezer Scrooge and the third Ghost comes; The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The fourth stave shows Scrooge’s end in life. How he fatefully dies and nobody cares for him or his grave.

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He learns that he can change the future and swears to do so, thus changing his greed and ignorance forever. Scrooge becomes so happy on Christmas morning of Stave 5 because he is glad he is given the chance to change. A second chance at life where he can repent from his sins of greed. He feels a sudden change of heart from his dark demise and “sees the light”. Dickens shows the reader the different ways that Scrooge has changed by the acts he commits in Stave 5 compared to Stave 1.

He buys the biggest turkey for the Cratchit Family for their supper on Christmas, compared to Stave 1 where he didn’t even bother with Tiny Tim who was waiting for his father Bob Cratchit outside Scrooge’s work. I think Dickens’ wrote this story about a man as rich and greedy as Scrooge because of the social injustice and poverty of the society Dickens’ had lived in, the Victorian era. He wrote this because of the causes and effects of between the two and how they correlate in the Victorian society.

I think Dickens wanted to teach the Victorian people the actual meaning of Christmas and the spirit of good will that goes along with it. I also think he wanted to show the poverty and injustice in the society during that time. I think the reasons why is because Dickens’ felt he needed to share his pity and sorrow for the people in poverty, and their side of things and how the greedy and rich ignore the poor people without a sign of pity to them.

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