Charity Concert Event for the Benefit of the HIV-positive patients Essay

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Charity Concert Event for the Benefit of the HIV-positive patients

The “Rock for a Cause” is a concert intended to help HIV-positive patients in the local hospital. The proceeds of the concert will all go to the local hospital to provide financial and medical  assistance to HIV-positive patients confined at the hospital. Through this commendable event, the company can help hundreds of people afflicted with this dreadful disease in alleviating their disposition.

 This project was conceptualized a month ago because the company saw the need to boost its social responsibility. By venturing in this humbling project, the company can promote generosity within the work environment and awareness on the condition of HIV-positive in the hospital.

 The company chose HIV-positive patients as the beneficiary of this charity concert because they are the usual victims of prejudice and negative social stigma. Through the company’s initiative,  HIV-positive patients can feel a sense of compassion from other people.

 Works Accomplished

Since the conceptualization of the project, the following were accomplished:

  • Selection of the theme for the concert which will celebrate the musical hits of contemporary pop rock.
  • Reservation of the venue for the concert which is at the the open area of the park.
  • Processing of the legal permits and documents needed for the concert to materialize.

Works in Progress

The following are currently being accomplished:

  • Drafting of line up of singers and bands who will perform at the concert.
  • Production of promotional materials including leaflets and posters.

Works to be Done

The following are pending works to be accomplish:

  • Coordination with the hospital for the proper relegation of the financial proceeds of the concert and meeting with the beneficiaries to inform them about the project.
  • Generation of marketing campaign to promote the concert.
  • Invitation of performers and sponsors for the concert.

 So far, there were only few drawbacks experienced during the preparation phase of this project. The most common problem was the time constraint. Supposedly, 80% of the works have already been accomplished but due to limited time and human resources, many are still pending.

Despite the impediments, the project is still worth pursuing because of its noble cause. To ensure that the project will run smoothly, additional staff and an extension of two weeks on the deadline are needed. Success lies in the hands of everyone who will participate in this project.

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