Charcoal: Recycling and Untapped Natural Resources

Paper waste fuel is recommended as a safe alternative to charcoal or even other forms of fuel because it has no chemicals and can be prepared easily. One of the main problems in our country is economy. The best way to achieve quality life is to engage in a profitable and economical way of living. This condition maybe achieved if every citizen is self sufficient in food, clothing and shelter. Many poor families live in the city and their income is not enough to buy their basic needs like gas, for fuel.

Hence, they resort to using recycled paper as fuel substitute for charcoal. Fuel is a combustible material used as a source of heat energy. Our country is rich in untapped natural resources which when processed would mean additional source of livelihood.

This study on paper waste fuel recycled from paper waste or old newspapers was an attempt to lessen the expenses of every Filipino family and offer them an alternative source of income.

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The research was primarily conceived to determine the process of recycling paper waste to fuel as substitute for charcoal. This research also dealt with determining the differences between the recycled paper waste fuel when used with or without oil as compared to charcoal produced out of wood. Materials: 1 kilo of paper waste or old, 1 gallon of water, used oil. Tear the paper into pieces, soak in water for atleast 5 to 10 minutes, mold into balls, dry out under the sun.

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Charcoal: Recycling and Untapped Natural Resources

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