Characteristics of the Prophet Mohammad Essay

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Characteristics of the Prophet Mohammad

People admire a public figure for his or her characteristics and notable works. That person becomes a role model, and his or her characteristics become a legacy that the next generation will honor and praise. In particular, Prophet Mohammad is a remarkable person for Muslims and for other people as well because of his compassion, grace, politeness, grace, humility and respect for others. At one time, Mohammad was considered as the most influential and spiritual leader in the whole world. He was considered influential because Mohammad promoted his life from a shepherd towards being a prophet because of his spiritual power bested by Allah.

Mohammad became the founder of one of the greatest religions. In addition to this, he became one of the greatest political leaders in the world. In the Islamic world, Mohammad is always being looked up to, and Muslims believe that he was the messenger from Allah himself (Hart). The prophet Mohammad possessed characteristics that have set him apart from other great leaders. Mohammad referred to himself as an apostle that Allah sent to the world to “demonstrate perfection of character, refinement of manners and loftiness of deportment.

” Many people say that Mohammad is the embodiment of someone who possessed a gentle and kind-hearted nature (Ghani). He is also noted for being compassionate to those he met throughout his life. This quality of Mohammad was a great force which affected those who believed in him. In fact, they strived to memorize everything that Mohammad said because they loved and respected him. Even until today, many people are familiar with Mohammad’s words. His followers can still remember and recount Mohammad’s words, relics and memoirs. Another characteristic of Mohammad is his being lovable.

Some people compared Mohammad to Moses and Jesus, who were also loved and respected by people. Along with being loveable, Mohammad possessed the kind of greatness which inspired fear and awe. Moreover, during his time, no one or nothing could separate the people from their prophet (Shariati). Mohammad was also described as gracious, polite, courteous, simple and humble. He was also sympathetic and sincere and overlooked the faults of other people. When it comes to justice, Mohammad could be severe and resolute, but his being severe was balanced with his generosity.

His charming characteristic has attracted many followers, causing them to become devoted to their prophet (Ghani). With regards to this, there was an event which showed how influential he could be. There was a particular tribe in Arabia who was known for having fierce warriors. These were the Bedouin tribesmen, and they were not united. And since their number was small, they could not be matched for the other more powerful and larger armies from other kingdoms. But Mohammad was able to unite them, and they also came to believe in the presence of one true God.

After this, they embarked on one of the most notable conquests in history, conquering empires and armies (Hart). Furthermore, Mohammad was said to be respectful and courteous to others. He believed that when someone honors an old man, he respects Allah. Mohammad was courteous even to those who were not pleasing for Allah. Many could also attest to the fact that Mohammad treated all of his people equally. He spent time visiting the poor and the sick and advised other Muslims to do the same. In addition, he was not biased; he invited anyone, regardless of status or race, to share with him his food (Ghani).

History also says that Mohammad engaged himself in doing household work. This shows that Mohammad did not look down on the menial work of other people. In fact, there were times when he would sweep the floor and mend his clothes and feed his animals (Ghani). The prophet Mohammad was Muslim’s messenger from Allah. He possessed characteristics which became a model for other people. Being compassionate, loveable, gracious, polite, humble, respectful and his equal treatment for the people became the characteristics that made people follow his words and footsteps.

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