Characteristics of Interviewing Essay

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Characteristics of Interviewing

When Susan conversed with Leslie and Scott, she was talking with an eye contact and moving her hands and other body parts. She moved her head whenever she wanted to express that she was able to understand. Susan succeeded while maintaining her eye contact and stopping at interval whenever she felt was the right time to allow the thinking procedure. She demonstrated the pair that she was paying attention to what they were saying by using small phrases like “I see”, and “oh hmm”. Her hand movements also helped.

Open ended question

Susan asked Leslie many open ended questions such as, “Assist me, how was it helpful? How do you feel about that?” She intended to know about Leslie’s sentiments and thoughts. She wished to view things from Leslie’s prospective. Susan succeeded while asking such questions. Leslie gave answers openly and gives details about her feeling under given circumstances. It helped in creating fruitful discussion.

Closed ended question

There are few queries which have restricted replies like Susan asking sealed ended queries to Scot, “Can you show me the evidence?” This resulted in a yes or no conversation with Scott. There are not proper details or sentiments required to reply such queries. It finishes that particular section of discussion.

Reflection of content or paraphrase

Susan applied the instance of extraction of text and interpretation in the film by stating, “In my opinion, I am listening to…” and she moves on with¬†Leslie’s statement by briefing the details. Leslie then let Susan know if she is right.

Reflection of feeling

A sample of reflection of feeling is when Susan asks Scott, “and that’s difficult for you Scott?” She also states, “I couldn’t hear when your wife said that, are you stressed about what she thinks of you?” Susan succeeded with the consideration of Scott’s sentiments and what he feels about Leslie.

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