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Characteristics of Anthroponyms

Theses of the scientific paper “Semantic, social pragmatic and functional characteristics of anthroponyms (based on the novel John Updike “The Centaur”)”; Viktoriya Melnychuk; Khmelnyts’kyi regional MAN department; Shepetivka educational complex #1; form 11; Tarnavska Olena Myhaylivna, the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of department of English philology of the Volynskiy national university named after Lesia Ukrainka.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze anthroponyms, their semantic, social pragmatic and functional characteristics of anthroponyms (based on the novel John Updike “The Centaur”).

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The full communication, that is correct perception, evaluation and interpretation of information, is impossible without knowing the specific set of anthroponyms and their functions in language and text. The names of famous personalities, literature characters make up a significant part of knowledge, necessary for understanding and assessment of the culture different people.

Therefore, our research is relevant. The subject of the research is semantic, social pragmatic and functional characteristics of anthroponyms (based on the novel John Updike “The Centaur”). Anthroponomastics , a branch of onomastics, is the study of anthroponyms , the names of human beings. Anthroponyms often preserve lexical elements that have dropped out of the standard lexicon of a language. The subdivisions of anthroponymy include: given names, surnames, clan names, matronyms, patronyms, teknonyms, nicknames, ethnonyms.

Allusion is the main feature of the anthroponyms. Allusion is a brief reference to some to some literary or historical event commonly known. Allusion is a subtype of metaphor. Metaphor denotes expressing remaining on the basis of similarity of two objects: the real object of speech and the one whose name is actually used.

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But there is only affinity, no real connection between the two. Most of anthroponyms in the novel John Updike “The Centaur” are the individual, which expressed their own names, surnames, status names and perform the nominative function.

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