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Essay on Character Traits

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Personality of Zoë Hendricks in You're Ugly Too

This served not only to make Zoë feel uncomfortable, but also to make her self conscious about her appearance. It is after her confidence has been knocked down, that Zoë begins to show her social incapability. This shows that her rejection from men is a cause of her alienation and social problems. Moore paints Zoë as an outsider whose eccentricities cause her social failures. By telling the st...

Analysis of Poems Hawk Roosting and Golden Retrievals

Hughes uses a dark tone to portray the hawk as a very powerful, wild, and sinister animal. The Hawk states, "There is no sophistry in my body:/ My manners are tearing all heads-" (15-16) showing how he views himself as a ruthless king of the earth and the “whole of Creation” (10). In opposition to Hughes, Doty uses a more playful and distracted tone to depict a character who is concerned with...

Is Mayella a Victim or Criminal Character

But without the right guidance and love she will be keep hurting herself by putting herself through all this exploitation. She seeks this love because she gets from nowhere else, as her mother has passed away, her dad is an alcoholic, and she has no friends. She may be a criminal for accusing Tom Robinson for something he hasn’t done but she herself is also a victim of the society, her family, a...

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Cosi by Louis Nowra Dramatic Elements Analysis

Berthold has placed them like this to direct the audiences’ concentration to one place rather than scatter the energy through the entire set. By manipulating the use of vocal delivery and positioning Berthold has been able to highlight the important aspects of this scene. The evidence previously given supports the fact that David Berthold has indeed created a thought provoking theatrical piece....

A rose for emily: reader response

She never interacted with anybody but her father and, so when she had nothing left she went left instead of right. Having the right tools can make all the difference in life and Emily was never taught the tools so she invented her own, and that can happen to anyone. This work is geared toward parents but also the world to show one of the worst consequences of protecting a child so much it actually...

Analysis of Edward Scissor Hands Character

We see him help the dog out by trimming his hair and this further shows that Edward means no harm by anyone. Edwards return to Kim’s house demonstrates the infatuation he holds for Kim and his desperate attempt to see her. We witness Kim ask Edward to hold her and see his difficult yet extremely desired attempt to express his love to her through embracing. He fails to do this and the sequence en...

Comparison of Housman's and Updike's Poems

The speaker held very high regards for the deceased athlete and felt that the athlete’s accomplishments and life will forever be remembered by the speaker. Although the speaker in “Ex-Basketball Player” did have an appreciation and interests for Flick’s athleticism, the speaker as well held a feeling of disappointment for Flick. With flick being such a great athlete, made the speaker belie...

Trait Theory

In my opinion, trait theory seems to be more of a tool to put a name on certain aspects of our personality, while the humanistic theory gives us a better understanding of our personality. In conclusion, I hope that I have included in this paper a thorough description of the information I have gained through my excursion through this week’s learning resources. My goal was to give you my opinion o...

John Keats "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"

The error Keats made in mentioning Cortez as the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean indeed does not detract from the overall meaning of the poem – names are almost irrelevant, it is the actions and accomplishments that are so potent in his work. What is important is human truth, not historical accuracy, and Keats has once again created a work of enormous ambition that reflects the importance of kn...

Character Daisy Buchanan is Victim or Villain

The death of Gatsby has to be the cruellest thing Daisy has done to him. Breaking the promise and toying with his affections was nothing compared to hiding the truth from every one. She killed Myrtle which led to the death of two men. None of these suggest that Daisy is the victim, but rather, she is the cause of most of the problems that occur in the novel. She was able to keep her finance and co...

Lee Su Ann's Novel The Curse

Furthermore, she is also a mean and malicious person. For example, her influence on the villagers caused them to provoke Mohd Asraf to confront the old lady by accusing the old lady as the reason why Asraf’s grandmother’s dies. Because of that instigation, Asraf’s anger is the main cause for the fire that causes the old lady to die. Apart from the above evident, there are many other incident...

The Cinderella Myth, Character Analysis

I have re-rendered the parenthetical phrase (only), which Ned Lukacher translates as "that's the only thing he loves," because of its (increased) ambiguity in the context of a feminist reading. In her book Cinderella on the Ball: Fairytales for Feminists (Dublin: Attic Press, 1991), editor Margaret Neylon offers re-readings of the classic folktales. In the Cinderella story, it is the two sisters w...

Lamb To The Slaughter By Mary Maloney

(Paragraph 44) Crashed to the floor, that’s how much power she had, when driven by a strong anger. By power came intelligence, as soon as Mary realized she had killed her husband, she was able to devise a plan in order to ultimately get away with murder. Don’t underestimate the weak, because sooner or later, they’ll rise to become powerful. In this case, the consequence of such thinking resu...

Characters of Anita Desai's Novel Fasting, Feasting

The father asks Uma to interrupt her studies in the Christian convent when he find out she not doing very well at school. He feels that it was a waste of time and money to provide Uma an education ;he has other plans for her.She will look after her baby brother Arun and take care of the household while her mother rests after giving birth. Uma’s life is constantly planned by her father.Uma cannot...

Reconstructed Portrait of Juan Dela Cruz

Third, describing the creativity of Filipinos by mentioning “when there is a big flood, they take it to their advantage to go up on the roofs of their houses to fish tilapia for their dinner.” this has nothing to do with creativity and inventiveness, climbing up the roof on a big flood is not creative, it is matter of life and death, they are not there to go fishing, they are trying to save th...

The Rocking-Horse Winner By D. H. Lawrence

I am though interested in how the family would survive without not only Paul but the huge money supply he left the family. Wealth is one thing people can go crazy over. Hester is a great example of how ignorance can ruin someone’s life and even majorly affect other people around. Paul was just doing what he thought was morally correct to help his mother and the family. He did his deed without th...

Analysis of Grendel’s Character in Beowulf

Grendel knows that people fear him, but he also realizes that people waste their time and make pointless choices. The mead hall for example is a place Grendel always attacks due to it pointing out the stupidity of mankind. He states that he doesn’t like the taste of humans; he just hates the actions, which they perform. In conclusion, Grendel is a monster which readers symphonize. Grendel in Beo...

Sir Roger Character

In summing up, it can be said that in spite of being a man of great honour, Sir Roger is regarded as a humorist and sometimes eccentric because of having some oddities or peculiarities in him. However, the ultimate aim of Addison was not to show his humorous expressions to make up laugh only, rather to make up correct for our follies and absurdities. But the main intention of Mr. Spectator was to ...

Analysis of Hartley's Short Story WS

Besides we can meet such epithets in the text: “November fire”, “other-wordly”, “handshake from W.S.”; some metaphors such as “fruitful conflict”, “I’ve been re-reading your novels, living in them”, “a borderline case”, “lingered in mind”. A beautiful antithesis as “perfection of ordinariness” doesn’t let us calm to Walter’s style. As we see the language of th...

Reflection on Mark Antony Speech Presentation

While comparing the two speeches, I have observed Antony’s speech was more persuasive. He made points to contrast what Brutus said in his speech about Caesar. He says that Brutus was wrong, and he put a new spin on it. For instance, Brutus says “Had you rather Caesar was living and die all slaves…” which was countered by Antony saying that Caesar felt deeply for his people and that he was...

Analysis of Character in The Fault In Our Stars

They do not hesitate to vegetarianize Hazel’s meal. Near the end of the novel, it means a lot to Hazel when Augustus’s father whispers in her ear about how great it is that she has been involved in his son’s life Dr. Maria - Hazel’s primary cancer doctor. She is a strong, assertive, yet empathetic physician. At one point Hazel remarks that Dr. Maria is very into giving out hugs. She convin...

Characters in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

They want to “live off the fat of the land”, suggesting that they don’t want to work for anyone and be continuingly undermined by bosses and having to live in such awful conditions. They don’t want to be one of the stereotypes as they say “us guys are the loneliest guys in the world”. To conclude, I think that Steinbeck presents Lennie and George with a strong relationship. George bein...

Miss Emily in Faulkner's A Rose for Emily

On one level, death is the past, tradition, whatever is opposite of the present. In the setting of this story, it is the past of the South in which the retrospective survivors of the Civil War deny changing the customs and the passage of time. This article from the feminist point of view of psychology to re-read the , an analysis of Emily was confused with a tragic sense and reason in an attempt t...

Masculinity in A View from the Bridge Play

Without a doubt, Miller has many different views on masculinity. You have Eddie and Marco, who are two extremely strong men, and you have Rodolfo, who is extremely keen on more feminine activates. In my opinion, there isn’t a lot of difference between these. All three are men in their different ways, but one thing in my view is a must is respect. And Eddie had lost it, all of it by the end. He u...

Stench of Kerosene by Amrita Pritam

I think this story very well illustrates the complexity of a family life, love and guilt. Manak feels guilty for having a baby with the new woman because he loves Guleri immensely. By accepting (though reluctantly) his mother’s wishes, he fails not only himself, but also Guleri and the phenomena of love. I think, sadly, that this story is a great story, it enlightens us, some people are in fact ...

Character Traits of Lord Capulet

Throughout the play Capulet shows a range of emotions, but at all times he seems to be honest in what he says and does, not pretending something he does not feel. He is welcoming towards his guests, including Benvolio and Romeo, berates Tybalt, is friendly towards Paris and angry towards Juliet when she appears not to appreciate his match-making efforts. He is obviously not accustomed to, or willi...

Sandra Cisneros' Woman Hollering Creek Book Review

All of the stories sound like poetry, and she actually has published a book entirely of poetry, My Wicked Wicked Ways. I think it is just the descriptive words, and great detail she uses that makes it seem this way. In short, all of the stories within this book, either relating to her directly or not, "Challenges her reader to see life as it really is - full of unrequited passions and solitary con...

Comparison of O'Connor's and Faulkner's Short Stories

In conclusion, Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find" and William Faulkner's "Barn Burning" are both stories that involve a central character whose actions seal the fate of all the other characters. They both have similar traits and views. Most importantly, neither of the two characters will ever openly accept responsibility for what happens, although they may feel it inside. Both short ...

Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice Analysis

Suddenly though, the 'lawyer' catches sight of the ring on Bassanio's finger, the very ring which Portia gave him at their wedding. She asks for the ring as payment. Bassanio remembers that Portia had told him never to detach himself from the ring for any reason, and, recollecting this, he refuses. Antonio pleads with Bassanio for him to give the ring, and Bassanio, who almost brought about the de...

A Short Story The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorn

Aylmer is blind and will stay this way for the rest of his life. He will never realize that nature places imperfections for a purpose, and as long as he lives, he will continue to try to improve nature and prolong the life it has given its people. He will completely miss the fact that the reason Georgiana died was not because he had the wrong formula, but it is because nature can not have anything...

Comparison of Sir Gawain and Monty Python Characters

Monty Python and the Holy Grail takes it a step further. It creates a God, who does not want people to worship him and ask for forgiveness. This God is anything else but ideal. Without the main idea being ideal, how can Arthur and his knights have faith in it? There is one major difference in both works, though. Monty Python and the Holy Grail ends with the total abandonment of all ideals. The kni...

Five literary elements in "The Winner" By Barbara Kimenye

Finally, the structure of a short story should always be fictional and written in prose. It should also contain no more than one plot and should be based on the plot rather than the characters. Short stories do not usually use all five literary elements clearly and with a great depth, although they are still present in some form. Ms. Kimenye chose a structure to write in at the beginning of the st...

Miss Havisham...A Victim or a Villain?

I am quite certain that Dickens arrived at Miss Havisham's name by implementing some combination of words that provided him with a metaphorical laugh. I have my own interpretation; Webster's Comprehensive Dictionary shares my guilt. One definition of "have" is ... "to cause." "Sham" is also defined as ... "something to be pretended other than it is." To cause a pretension is exactly what Miss Havi...

Wuthering Heights Character Heathcliff is Victim or Villain

Heathcliff purposely influences Hareton, who was at the time a young child, to hate his father. His negative affect on Hareton causes him to curse, and to tell people that his father Hindley is the devil. Heathcliff marries Isabella in order to hurt her brother, and treats her very poorly. He also hangs her dog for no reason other than to hurt anything associated with the Lintons (except Catherine...

A Comparison of Three Cinderella Stories

This sibling rivalry is resolved in Cinderella, when the two stepsisters beg for Cinderella's forgiveness for all of the unkind things they did to her. Cinderella forgave them, without hesitation, and they all lived happily ever after in the same palace. In Ashputtle, the stepsisters are punished with blindness for being so wicked and false, not by Ashputtle but by the two turtledoves, and have t...

Santiago as a Jesus Chirst Figure

This similarity strongly proposes the idea that Santiago is a strong Christ ? gure. Because of the way Santiago walked home was exactly the way Christ walked to his cruci? xion, the wounds in Santiago's hands were similar to Jesus's, and he had a devoted follower like the Messiah did, Santiago is a representative of Christ. It will never be possible for anyone to become an exact replica of The Lor...

"My Place" by Sally Morgan

Inner journeys involve self exploration in which individuals review their growth and development in the light of experiences which challenge and test them. Inner exploration can provide clarity, direction, increased self esteem and better insight into oneself, others and the surrounding world. Gladys and Daisy both experience inner journeys as they explore their aboriginality and themselves. The w...

Narrative Writing of The Red Room by Wells

The author also creates suspense and tension through describing the characters negatively; "the man with the withered arm". The negative description of characters creates ambiguity, causes the reader to speculate and generates a completely negative, hazy image in the readers mind. It is also is emotionally troublesome for the reader. This creates tension for the reader as the reader is left with a...

Indirect vs Direct Character Presentation in The Destructors

Especially in short stories, presentation is essential. Greene does an excellent job as he masterfully uses both direct and indirect presentation to convey his message in "The Destructors." He immediately develops the main characters through direct presentation. This way, the readers have a predisposition about each character therefore making the eventual character shift more dramatic. He uses ind...

Debbie Spring's The Kayak Book Review

I think that the author Debbie Spring did a pretty good job in expressing Theresa's characteristics. This story 'The Kayak' also sprinkles around most aspects of life along with hinting out a big moral. It has some many interesting lessons, a person can conceive such as the relationship between a parent and a child, how to overcome you biggest pains in life, in being able to let go and moving on,...

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