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Character Traits Essay Examples

Essay on Character Traits

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Comparison of Protagonists in Flannery O'Conner's Short Stories

Though it is not apparent in O'Conner's style of narration, it seems that the protagonists of both the stories were undeserving of the attention, affection and blessings that they received in their life. Why the two choose to be the way they are or act the way they do, remains a mystery. Both of them are elderly women, but their youth is not discussed in the story, so one can only assume that the ...

The Breakfast Club Reaction Paper

The Breakfast Club is typically about five teenagers and their deviant ways but regardless of their differences they all have one major thing in common, they are struggling to fit in. Neither Andrew, Brian, Bender, Allison, nor Claire are truly their own person, they are all conforming in some way to fit in and they all have their weaknesses. They discover that they all have strained relationships...

Character Traits of Duffy's and Dickens' Miss Havisham

In conclusion, ‘Miss Havisham’ a character from the novel ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens is further explored in the poem ‘Havisham’ by Carol Ann Duffy. In the poem Duffy reveals Havisham’s sinister character and makes her feel real to the reader. Duffy accomplishes this through the use dark themes to express Havisham’s sinister character and a menacing narrative voice is u...

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Stephen King, The Running Man

A question I asked myself about this running man game is that if you do succeed how will you ever be able to adapt to society without being looked at as a criminal because that is how society see's you now. It is almost inevitable that once you start this game you will die no matter how many times you evade death. In the end Richards crashes the plane into the games company building and takes Kill...

Allegory in Ben Jonson's Play The Alchemist

Therefore in an allegoresis the characters would be The Puritan Ananias, The Law Clerk Dapper, The Rich Young Man Kastril, and The Master Lovwit, etc., and the themes might be woven together to teach a serious lesson, perhaps about Morality and Order in a Disordered world that requires vigilance against Victimization through right-minded Religion. Furthermore, in allgoresis, the satire that Jonson...

El Presidente Film Review

Also, there’s another thing of the film which I’m confused, its Emilio Aguinaldo. It seemed like E. Aguinaldo was a type of person who do not have any flaws in the film. Overall the film was worth watching. It gave me goose bumps in some part of it because of its intensity, and that hurt feeling seeing how our ancestors fight for our freedom that we’re having now because of their bravery eve...

“The Feminine” in Dante’s The Inferno

Through her insincerity, Thaïs rejected the position of the divine female. She had no love, not even a lustful love. Her punishment matched her crime. By cheapening the position of the woman, she sentenced herself to an afterlife of obscenity and decay. As said before, Beatrice is the feminine ideal. The women of Dante’s Hell are judged by her standards. Dante seemingly, yet unusually, treats t...

Personality of Character in The Harness

Both ‘The Harness’ and ‘Just Lather, That’s All’ portray characters with depth and complexity. Some devices are common to each author and are fundamental to identifying the personalities of the individuals. Other techniques can be chosen to fit with an author’s style and plot. Character development can enhance a story if it is well done, or it can damage a story if it is not sufficient...

Similarities of Odysseus and Theseus Character Traits

The Odyssey is an odd example of a hero's journey, however, what makes it different makes it unique and enthralling. The act of heroism plays an important role in portraying the story of Odysseus. The Odyssey is an exemplary example of a hero's journey which can be comparative to other Greek myths. However, it is different from other myths because it doesn't follow some of the contemporary views o...

Allusion to Greek Mythology in Blake's The Tyger

He did many wonderful things with his powers, but just as many horrible and hateful things. The tiger, and all that he represents in this poem does the same. In addition, Hephaestus was also misjudged by those around him. This idea of prejudice is very prevalent in human society, we judge the tiger as well as anything else that appears ominous. Blake's concept of the tiger in this poem is very muc...

Comparison of a Movie and a Short Story Secretary

Mary Gaitskill's short story is well written, but touches more on abuse and submissiveness than sadomasochism and love. Gaitskill shows the characters relationship as being determined "by the convergence of mutually compatible fantasies," rather than "such abstract passions as love, hate or desire," which are portrayed in the film (Kakutani 1). The movie is much more intriguing and effective at ge...

Tennessee Williams' and Arthur Miller's Plays Analysis

Biff and Tom both lack a strong father figure in their lives. As a result they know nothing better and they are forced to develop the same unfavorable traits as their fathers. The results for both characters are different as both fathers have unique faults, but the main result is the same. This ultimate result is that both characters fall quickly from their fantasy world that have been instilled o...

Margot in "All Summer in a Day Reaction" by Ray Bradbury

This made me think about times I had ever been so oblivious to someone else’s feelings just so I could do something of interest. In conclusion, All Summer in A Day is a phenomenal short story with many interesting characters and fun plot changes. Also this short story made me think about daily life and how I always need to stay focused my opinions, not what other people thing. Also I need to car...

Pride in A View from the Bridge Play

Family relationships play a very important role. This could be seen from Beatrice’s line, “Eddie, listen to me. Who could give you your name? Listen to me, I love you, I’m talking to you. I love you. ” The short sentences make the sentence feel real and have a real impact, as if Beatrice is really trying to talk to Eddie. Furthermore, the repetition of the phrases, “listen to me” and ...

"Ruby Moon" by Matt Cameron

For every person to rethink their lives and daily routines and their general approach and attitude towards certain parts of their lives. Maybe they are too careless, too naive or in effect too trustworthy. But overall the reasoning behind all of these decisions that I have made is to convey to the audience the message and fact that a missing child is such a universal tragedy with a primal impact t...

Symbolism in Patrick Suskind's Perfume

All the girls were symbols of innocence in one form or another, different ingredients for the ultimate scent. The roles of these girls were to create the hunt for Grenouille, as the plum girl began his quest and Laure brought it to an end. It was only through the quest and these minor characters did he create his recipe for himself and came to self-realization. It was through the quest that Süski...

A Novel The Moon and Sixpence by Maugham

The main shortcoming, according to Cohen's wife was in not realness of a landscape: “… it doesn’t resemble the plantation and I have never seen cocoa-nuts with blue leaves…” The author shows not only narrow perception of the wife of the dealer but also her brother, who having received a picture, solved that it is a joke. “I would not have given the cost of postage for the picture. I wa...

Cask of Amontialldo - Character Traits

Explaining the situation, Montresor says, “... inding his progress arrested by the rock, stood stupidly bewildered... a moment more and i fettered him to the granite” (Poe 4). Lastly, Montresor is just plain mysterious. Readers never know exactly why he decided to go after Fortunato, but it is hinted he offended the killer in some way. When asked about his coat of arms, Montresor blatantly sta...

Character Traits of Frair Lawerance

Friar is also a helpful man when Romeo comes to Friar in a desperate need to marry; he helps him by marrying Romeo to Juliet. “Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast”. Friar Lawrence attempts to tell Romeo to take his decision carefully. Also when Juliet had no one else was left to save Juliet form getting married to Paris. Friar Lawrence was the one who helped Juliet, when she comes to s...

The Contingency Theory

Fiedler and associates concluded that if a leader's LPC scores fall between 65 and 72, then the leader must carefully analyze their leadership style as they learn more about the relationship oriented and task oriented styles. However, it is important to note that there is no single leadership style that is effective in all situations. Rather, certain leadership styles are better suited for some si...

Theme of Women in Rebecca and Rowena

In conclusion, Rebecca and Rowena are both women from two different classes, social standings, and completely different religions. However, we find that even with their differences they are still women plagued with things that two people in their polar circumstances face. They are both sought after and almost defiled by men who they are not betrothed to. They also fall in love which almost every w...

Big Five Personality Traits

Do Mike and Marty appear to have different levels of intelligence, or do they show intelligence in different ways? Please explain. I don’t think you can tell who is more intelligent here. Marty is definitely book-smarter than Mike, but Mike is social and has a different kind of intelligence. I am sure that Marty is more logical-mathematical intelligent than Mike, but Mike is more interpersonal i...

Billy Budd: Good and Evil

Captain Vere loves Billy and has no problem with him in any way but finds where authority has evil it will command. In conclusion Billy was innocent but by failing to see the evil which was upon him he became unable to protect himself from it, being Claggart, who held an authoritarian position higher than him. Captain Vere was also exposed to evil through Claggart by not stripping him of his rank ...

Character Description from Goodnight Mr Tom

His hobbies are like what ordinary kid do example; us we are young and did all of this things like- Read, Paint, Swimming, Acting and also some music. There’s no other way not to like this character, also he eats/drinks the same thing you do- tea, cake and some lemonade. From the way I described my character, this where I summaries it. My point of this essay is that I choose the character named ...

Holden’s Depression by J.D Salinger

Lastly, Holden is mostly saddened by his sexual relationships with older women. Holden’s quote “don’t you feel like talking for a while”(124) , lets the reader know that he is scared and doesn’t really want to have sex with Sunny and just needed someone to talk to. Holden wanted to keep the conversation going but could not because Sunny was a prostitute and was only there for the money, ...

Personal Values in Idols by Tim Gautreaux

It is 'the only grand thing' and together with its Doric pillars, Julian somehow feels like a god living in it. Contradictory to Obie, Julian associates a god like figure - an idol - to his mansion, a materialistic want, which demonstrates the difference between values each character possesses. Obie seems to have found a new idol other than his tattoo whereas Julian, an old man who has experienced...

Family in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

The quotation from Thoreau, "The mass of men lead lives of the quiet desperation," applies directly to the characters, as they were all unhappy, but took no action to improve their situation in any significant way. Breaking down the chain of a vicious circle is an ongoing issue that can be found in a work life, personal relationships, and even in relationships with oneself resulting in addictions....

General Character Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies or (PECS) *Opportunity seeking - Does things before asked or forced to by events - Acts to extend the business into new areas, products or services - Seizes unusual opportunities to start a new business, obtain financing, equipment, land work space or assistance *Persistence - Takes action in the face of a significant obstacle - Takes repeated actions or switc...

Tension in Miller's Play All My Sons

Should have Chris vowed to prove that his fathers alibi was the truth? At the time when Steve Deever called Keller for help and Kate answered, should she have taken responsibility? And finally, should we, as the audience, be so harsh upon Kate Keller, is her only fault to love her family more than ever, thus pitying her state. Miller has indeed purged our emotions till the very end of the play, bu...

Character Traits of Queen Gertrude

Overall it appears to the audience throughout the play that Gertrude commits several crimes that are adding to the corruption of the state of Denmark. However as the plot unfolds and Claudius' grip over her becomes more obvious it seems possible that she is just a pawn who is being manipulated into a "joint empress in this warlike state" suggesting that Claudius' needs her by his side in order to ...

Relationship in Miller's Play A View From The Bridge

Throughout all the conflict as the plot progresses, however, Beatrice remains faithfully loyal to Eddie, despite his ultimate betrayal directed at her own family. Situational irony is shown here, as despite Eddie loving Catherine more as a wife with his apparent unnatural, incestuous feelings, Beatrice remains true to Eddie, right up to his final moments. In conclusion, Miller’s portrayal of Cat...

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