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Character & story

Character do counts. It is the foundation of our personality; hence, it portrays our inner self, and represents our whole identity. We are judged according to what we represent and what we shows. We are respected based on what we intend to be seen by others. Character do counts; because it is the basis of how we decide and how we pursue life. 2. Being ethical is important because it is a moral obligation which is important not only for ourselves, but for the entire population. We are bound to do things that will not harm every life, therefore, being ethical, is also being a person that is morally respected.

3. First in the “Six Pillar of Character” of Josephson is trustworthiness. (8) This pertains to one’s credibility through honesty. It is not just important to be honest with the other people, but also to be honest with yourself. To acquire trust form others, trust within oneself should be first recognized by himself. Holding and keeping promises creates a higher level of being trusted and credible. Trustworthiness is a character that summarizes your being as a person. Second is respect. (10) One of the most important character one should have is respect. Respect is usually is not earned but learned rather.

“Learn to respect yourself before someone respects you”, which is true at all times. People will judge you according to what you intend to show them of who and what you are. It is not the question of who will respect you, but it’s how you respect yourself. Third is responsibility. (5) As a person bounded in the realm of the society, we are born with different kinds of responsibility attached to us. Therefore, we have responsibility to our family, in the society and in the country, and into every aspect that we live for. We are also accountable for our actions.

It should be remembered that every steps and actions we make, are part of our responsibilities as a person. Fourth is fairness. (7) In a world full of inequality and injustice, we are expected to correct all these mistakes. Fairness in every action reflects what kind of person we are and how we are brought up. Fifth and sixth is caring (10) and citizenship (8). These two pertains to our attitude to a bigger context. It involves the practice of mentioned characters, as this is the application of what we have learned. Responsibility and being fair needs improvement in my part.

Learning by internalizing will help improve myself. 4. Decision making is crucial when we do not understand the consequences that would result from a simple action. It is important to recognize the core foundations of a good decision; first is that we have the will and power what we do and what we say, and second is that we have are aware for the responsibility in such actions. To have an ethical and effective decision, there are several components in good choices. By looking in the options seriously, which means analyzing and evaluating first the options, we are close to a good decision.

Recognizing important decisions from minor decisions should also be noticed to avoid mixing the level of importance. Good decision also requires discipline. To be able to make right decisions, we have to control ourselves to what we want and to what is right and just for all. Everyone in the cycle should be considered in taking decisions so that to lessen unlikely outcomes. 5. For example, Jake is a self-supporting student ever since he entered college. He survived for the last three and a half of his years in school through scholarships and doing part time jobs.

But unfortunately, at his last semester in the school, he was not able to renew his scholarship due to his failing grade in a subject. Without having a scholarship, it will be difficult for him to pursue his studies, but he still has his part time job. Given these facts, he has to work double or trice to fully support his self; therefore, he needs to decrease the units that he will register on the coming semester to give way to his job. BUT, he is a graduating student on that semester. In doing so, he will be delayed in his graduation.

The question is whether he should work full time or to register but to suffer the consequences, since he is financially unstable. Applying the Seven-Step Path to Better Decisions, Jake should first a lot several days for himself to think and make realizations. This will prevent rash decisions and late regrets. Then after that, Jake has to clarify what are his primary goals and objectives. Through this, it will be clear to what path he should be. After that, he should be able to recognize the facts that exist, like the fact of his financial instability.

Right after that, he should think another ways and options depending on his primary goal. If it’s his graduation, then, he should think for another scholarship. Fifth, is to consider options. This should be filtered according to six pillars of characters. He has to do what he think is right for himself and for everybody. Sixth is to choose the best possible option. He should can for the advice of his friends or family so that the decision would not be bias to his self. Last is to monitor and modify, which means, still, evaluate the decision he have made.

6. Its all for a good cause. Good example of this is cheating in a basketball game; hurting opponents to win the championship for the benefit of the school. At the end, its still for the “goodness of everyone” as stated. It’s just part of the job. Basketball–intentionally pushing an opponent to get the ball. If its necessary, its ethical! Volleyball. Just to gain the fame and fund of the school, they have to win the game. On its last serve, its against your side; the opponent has successfully reached your court, but you’re the only one to see if its in!

And since it’s necessary, you just claimed that it is out! 7. Its when I chose not to speak when my teacher in my grade school subject about the cheating arrangement of my classmates during our exam. It so happen that they are also my friends that’s why I didn’t mentioned a single thing. As a result, my name became involved that resulted to suspension for three days. 8. It’s when I decided to join a volunteer group before to deliver goods in an area affected by a calamity, and that the same day, I have a class to attend to, which I didn’t.

As a result, I was overwhelmed by the response of the people on that particular area, and became one of my most treasured moments. 9. Happiness is simply doing what you most wanted, not only on a single benefit, but for all you love. It is achieving the core of wants and what you love. Happiness for your self is incomparable to the happiness that you will feel when you can see that this happiness is not just meant for your self, but rather being happy for someone. I want to be a person that sees happiness as the primary objective in the cycle of human emotions; a person that will be happy for someone in no matter what.

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