Character Sketch of Anne Frank

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“In spite of whatever, I still believe that people are actually proficient at heart.” These were latest things that Anne Frank wrote in her diary prior to she was removed by the Nazis and delivered off to a prisoner-of-war camp where she would later face her inevitable death. Anne was an individual of lots of characteristic. Anne was enthusiastic, caring, fun loving, figured out, passionate and, a bit irritating. In spite of her minor annoyingness, those who knew Anne couldn’t help however to enjoy her.

Anne was confident due to the fact that she had many things to hope for. She wished for the war to end and for her family to be safe. She hoped that her buddies would all pull through the war as well. She hoped that Peter would get to like her when she initially moved into the annex and she hoped that she and her mother would get along better. Perhaps she was so hopeful since all she could do at that point in her life was to hope.

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Anne was a very caring person.

She looked after her family, of course and she cared for the Van Daans while they were in concealing together. She cared for her good friends and she even looked after people she didn’t know, if they were in need of help. Anne vas very fun loving. She disliked being caged in the annex. All she desired to do was be a normal lady once again so she could go out and play like everybody else.

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She translucented all the hardships that were going on in the annex and tried to get everybody to laugh and having fun instead of being so tense all of the time. She disliked the tenseness and was good at cutting through it. She helped everyone actually come together at Hanukah time by getting everybody gifts, that they never would’ve anticipated. She got them all singing the Hanukah song that night, and they all enjoyed it. Anne was undoubtedly a very identified individual. As soon as she had her mind set on something she wanted, she wouldn’t let go. An example of this is her relationship with Peter.

When the Franks and the Van Daans first moved into the secret annex together, Anne and Peter did not get along well at all. Anne got it set in her mind that she would improve that particular relationship very early, however, and by the end of their time at the secret annex Peter and Anne were going together. Anne was a very enthusiastic person, even when it seemed as though no one else was. She would always bring happiness into a room with her and always got someone smiling in no time. She didn’t let the negativity of a situation get her down one bit. She would let her enthusiasm guide her everywhere, just as long as she had something to live for. Anne was, undoubtedly, an annoying person.

Most of the time not purposely by any means. Sometimes it was her unending enthusiasm and fun lovingness that annoyed people. However, other times it was just because she was an annoying person. She talked a bit too much, and this got on the inhabitants of the annex’s nerves very much so. “Why aren’t you nice and quiet like your sister Margot? Why do you have to show off all the time? Let me give you a little advice young lady. Men don’t like that kind of thing in a girl. You know that? A man likes a girl who’ll listen to him once in a while…a domestic girl, who’ll keep her house shining for her husband…who loves to cook and sew and…”

This was once said to Anne by an aggravated Mr. Van Daan. His rant was cut short by Anne who rejected his ‘advice’ and said she’d sooner cut her throat. I’m sure there are many other good personality traits that Anne had. I only chose to write about these few, however, because they are the ones that stood out to me. I’m a bit like Anne. I’m caring, determined, fun loving, and I can be pretty annoying. I think the traits that I mentioned were very important to Anne’s personality. If she didn’t have them, she just wouldn’t be Anne Frank.

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