Character Development in Monster

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Towards the beginning, 16 year old Steve Harmon is clearly crushed by the reality of his situation. He begins writing his experience as a movie in order to cope with the reality of his situation. This helps him maintain much of his sanity and helps him remember who he is since he wrote screen plays while he was in school. He shows a lot of creativity as he sheds light on what it is like to be so young and in locked up in jail.

His options are limited since he is being charged with felony murder, which means he could face the death penalty or life in prison.

It is difficult to imagine the idea of your life being on the line and in the hands of a lawyer. Being in court also places enormous pressure on anyone who wishes for the best. The jury seems to be given information that doesn’t make Steve seem like a young man lost in life.

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He isn’t treated like a regular criminal, as of his age and the nature of the crime he was accused of. We learn that he was involved in a robbery turned murder. The idea of making a movie about his story calms Steve’s character a little and he hopes it will help him cope with his situation a little better, but it does not.

Steve remembers his interactions with King and BoBo through flashbacks. He feels terrible for the things that have happened to him, but he doesn’t feel different from the other inmates.

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His character toughens and he gains strength because he stresses that he CANNOT look weak to the other inmates. They would beat him up or worse!

Steve Harmon feels that he is a monster. His character is crushed and filled with conflict as he listens to the lawyer describing him as a monster.This causes him to struggle with his identity.

His character continues to grow as he realizes that he isn’t easily scared or intimidated by the other guys in the jail anymore. He also shares with the readers that he has been in a place where things really happen. Steve finally shares that he did not have anything to do with the robbery.

We see how his mother reacts to her son being in handcuffs and taken into custody. Steve explains again that he had nothing to do with the crime. He feels he could have been the killer but he knows that he is not.

In the end, Steve is thankful that he was found not guilty. However, he thinks in the back of his mind, that he is relieved when the witness says he was not seen in the store during the time of the murder. He still has thoughts after the trail, like about the people he was associated with just to described as tough by others. And how easily that can get you into trouble with little effort at all.

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