Chapter notes kite runner 1-9 Essay

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Chapter notes kite runner 1-9

Chapter 2 set in Kabul Hassan his friend is described as very loyal and kind towards others Hassan has a harelip Location Wazir Akbar Khan district Ali is a servant Rahim Khan is business partner & best friend Hassan is Ali’s son The narrators mother died while child birth Sanaubar’s is Hassan’s mom and she left Hassan and Ali after a week Hassan was born Sanaubar has a very bad reputation in the community.

Sanaubar makes fun of Ali whenever she sees him even though the belonged to the same ethnic group and were married. Main characters name is Amir Poetry on pg 11 “On a high mountain I stood, And cried the name of Ali, Lion of God this is a poem for the khalif O Ali, loin of God, king of men Ali and it is from the Shia Bring joy to our sorrowful hearts. ” Religious belief Chapter 3 Most people in Afghanistan are illiterate.

Pg 12-13, description of Amir’s father, displays his true love to his father and the fact that he looks up to his father and thinks of him as a hero Sense of dethronement and loss because Amir felt he would lose his father to Hassan because his father should Love and care towards Hassan more sometimes. Strange moment when Amir says he thinks he has Saratan ( cancer) Baba is a person who is very full of himself and when is looked down upon by a person who says that he will fail to do a certain thing he does the exact same thing to prove them wrong.

Amir and Hassan believe that all the dubbed English movies are actually Arabic and look forward to meet the American actors who they thought spoke Arabic. Chapter 4 We find out that Ali is the stepbrother of Baba Amir and Hassan have a very strong relationship Baba is not very fond of poetry or writing because when Amir brings him a story that he wrote he doesn’t show any care and interest but instead is relieved when Rahim Khan says he would read it. No change in setting No new characters added to the story

No character is removed from the story Chapter 5 1973 – 1974 Baba is gone out on a business trip with Rahim Khan and are not able to return because of the bombing and gunshots Situations in Afghanistan are not stable for the couple of days following the past events and that is why Amir and Hassan are scared Hassan believes that he will be sent away because he is a Hazara and will lose Amir Amir reassures him that he won’t be sent away Amir and Hassan get into a fight with a guy named Assef who says he will make sure Hassan is sent away.

Amir tells them to go away but instead is threatened that he will be beaten and that is when Hassan steps in and saves him. Chapter 6 we see how Hassan and Amir are very fascinated about the kite flying tournament Amir is told by his father that he thinks he will win Hassan and Amir fly the kite and cut the last kite Hassan is found by Amir sitting by a tree eating instead of following the kite Amir ask Hassan what he is doing and then is told that the kite is coming and to Amir’s surprise the kite falls in Hassan’s hands.

Chapter 7 This chapter being with a sentence which makes the reader think why “in the winter of 1975, I saw Hassan run a kite for the last time” Hassan and Amir are the last two kites left in the tournament and they win by cutting the last blue kite. Hassan and Amir hug in celebration, but Amir is told off by Baba. Hassan runs off to run the kite and Amir follows him shortly after being congratulated by everyone. Hassan is nowhere to be found and Amir is starting to get worried because of that.

He asks a merchant in the Bazaar whether he had seen a Hazara boy running around. He is told by the Merchant that the boy is going south but also that the boys following him have probably caught him by now Amir finds Hassan in an alley way surrounded by Assef and his gang where they have pinned Hassan down and are asking him to give them the kite Hassan refuses and says that he has ran the kite fairly and it belongs to Amir Assef says that if he doesn’t give him the kite he will get hurt Amir is about to say something but does instead.

Amir has a flashback about his nurse who took care of Amir and Hassan and how the fed from the same breast and how when they went to a fortune teller Amir got his told but when Hassan wanted his to be told the man gave back his money and said sorry Assef and his friends brutally sexually harass Hassan and then leave. Later Hassan encounters Amir and is covered in blood.

They both don’t say a word and decide that it is best that this event is kept a secret When they reach home Ali asks Amir what had happened to Hassan and he said he fell and hurt himself Ali asks Amir whether he would tell him if Hassan ever got hurt he did not reply to that Chapter 8 After the encounter with Assef, Amir and Hassan has become very distant don’t spend a lot of time together. Baba and Amir take a trip to Jalalabad at baba’s cousins house Baba very proudly tells everyone about.

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