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Chapter 8

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For Daniel Miller, Coca-Cola in Trinidad is
directly connected with politics and ethnicity and is one element in a complex image of Trinidadian identity

To the question “Why do people X raise peanuts and sorghum?”, Bronislaw Malinowski would reply
to meet their basic human need for food

In the early twentieth century, food production in Tuscany corresponded to which of the following?
it was based on peasants who worked on large land holdings who practiced a gendered division of labor

An economic system dominated by the supply-demand-price mechanism called the “market” is

Carole Counihan, cited in the text, notes that her younger female interviewees were
expected to work for wages but also maintain the household, including doing the cooking

According to Wilk and Cliggett, which model of human nature originated during the Enlightenment and is based on the assumption that individuals are first and foremost interested in their own well-being?
the self-interested model

The using up of material goods necessary for human physical survival is called

According to Hann and Hart, neoclassical economic theory
replaced the classical view by focusing on subjective calculations

The theft of a few head of cattle from your herd by a neighboring group of herders from whom members of your family had rustled a few head of cattle in the past would be an example of which mode of exchange?
negative reciprocity

The economic theory which represented a formal attempt to explain the workings of capitalist enterprise and paid particular attention to distribution is
neoclassical economic theory

According to Marshall Sahlins, which of the following is a route to affluence?
desiring little and producing much

According to Wilk and Cliggett, which model of human nature pays attention to the way people form groups and exercise power?
the social model

A __________ is a historically occurring set of social relations through which labor is organized to extract energy from the environment by means of tools, skills, organization, and knowledge.
mode of production

Anthropologists consider a reciprocal situation in which parties to the exchange hope to get something for nothing to be
negative reciprocity

A reciprocal situation in which neither the time nor the value of return is specified is identified by anthropologists as a form of
generalized reciprocity

In recent years, the anthropology of politics has addressed questions about
power and inequality

According to Michael Woost, a development scheme was never implemented in the Sri Lankan village he studied because
each local faction made what the others interpreted as unjust claims, blaming the lack of village unity on its opponents

Transformative capacity is the text’s definition of

The French approach to multiculturalism is characterized by the promise to immigrants of
all the rights and privileges of native-born citizens as long as they adopt French culture and language

Michael Herzfeld’s ethnographic research in Rome, Italy, and in Bangkok, Thailand, have convinced him that
under the current regime of global neoliberalism, longtime residents in a place apparently possess no rights that international capital is obliged to respect
there is no necessary connection between localism and racism and other forms of intolerance
the firmness with which the seductions of intolerance are rejected by people in the midst of their own suffering is impressive

Which of the following is NOT a form of governmentality that overseas Chinese try to evade?
that of the corporation

Research by political anthropologists has led to a reconsideration of
traditional Western notions about human nature
the political role of kinship
the political role of the state

According to Gramsci, power based on physical force is called

In traditional Western thought, the prototype of power in human social relations is based on
physical coercion

According to the text, a central theme in multicultural debates within Europe is
coming to terms with increasing numbers of Muslims living in countries where Christianity has historically been dominant

According to Michael Herzfeld, longtime renters in Rioni Monti were evicted from their homes primarily because
the city of Rome no longer respected the view that people had a social right to their homes
wealthy outside buyers had entered the Roman real estate market and began buying and selling properties in Rioni Monti without concerning themselves with who lived there
the Italian constitution had been changed in order to protect the rights of property owners

The actions taken by many contemporary nation-states to identify the level of terrorist threats, take action to stop them, and institute policies to minimize damage and disruption in the event of a terrorist attack would be considered examples of

In northern Thailand, according to Katherine Bowie (as discussed in the text), men get involved in politics because
politics is full of conflict, and it is better for strangers to the village (men) to be involved in conflicts

According to Gramsci, rulers who provide some genuine benefits to their subjects, spread an ideology that justifies their rule, and nevertheless succeed in protecting their privileges are exercising

Which of the following is a topic of interest to political anthropologists?
the classification and evolution of political systems
the modernization of formerly tribal societies
the structure and functions of political systems

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Chapter 8
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