Chapter 16 Summary Essay

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Chapter 16 Summary

In this chapter we are going to learn about therapy, treating psychological disorders, evaluating psychotherapies, the biomedical therapies, and preventing psychological disorders. You have three ways on how to treat disorders. They are psychotherapy, biomedical therapy, and eclectic approach. Psychotherapy is treatment involving psychological techniques consisting of interactions between some seeking to overcome difficulties and a trained therapist. Biomedical therapy is prescribed medicine that acts differently on every person’s physiology. Lastly eclectic approach is an approach on the client’s problems which uses various forms of therapy. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis was the first of the therapies to be formed. The techniques that we have are resistance, interpretation, and transferring. Interpretation is noting supposed dream meaning’s and other significant behaviors and events in order to promote insight. We have psychodynamic therapies which is a tradition that views on individuals when they respond to unconscious forces and childhood experiences. There are three psychotherapy skeptics which are people often need therapy when they are in crisis, clients need to believe that doing therapy will eventually help them with their problems, and clients need to speak kindly to their therapist and to respect what they have to say. Many studies are digested by what they call meta-analysis. Various therapies which have three benefits. These benefits are hope for demoralized people, a new perspective of the way we look at things, and a trusting, caring, empathetic relationship. The emotion between the client and his/her therapist is called therapeutic alliance which is a key concept to being a therapist. In our world we have antipsychotic drugs, antidepressant drugs, and mod-stabilizing medications. Antipsychotic drugs are drugs used to schizophrenia and other severe disorders. While antidepressant drugs are used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Electroconvulsive therapy is a therapy for severely depressed patients which is a brief electric current sent through the brain.

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