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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1308 words)
Categories: Greek mythology, Literature
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It has been an hour since I have been moving to the north-east and I was beginning to feel tired. I expected to reach the Safe House in some time then it hit me, I don’t know how the Safe House looks like. I got off my bicycle and I randomly started shouting at the sky cursing the gods.

You don’t wanna do that bro. I got startled as the mystery boy appeared from nowhere.

My apologies. I didn’t mean to startle you. The name’s Kyle Kyle Ray. I was chosen by Hephaestus. The Safe house sent me here to come and pick you up. So shall we leave?

Hi. Dhairya Koradia. Nice to meet you. Let’s go to the Safe House.

Explain what you have to on the way.

I was so tired I didn’t bother myself with the Kyle appearing from nowhere, or the how we are going to reach the Safe House. Kyle removed a whistle from his pocket and blew it. It was probably a dog whistle because it wasn’t making any sound. In the far distance, I could see a flying object moving towards us. It had wings; probably a bird. As it was coming closer, I could make out more details of the flying object. It was definitely not a bird because of the size of the body. It had a white horse body and smooth feathers as wings. It had golden horseshoes and a wooden chariot on its back. I was trying to remember what creature it was. I wasn’t surprised by any of this because I believed everything I saw. I know a few things in Greek myths. Pegasus Pegasus is what it’s called.

This is our ride huh, I tried to say it in a way without sounding surprised. What’s his name?

She’s a girl bro,- he said trying hard not to laugh. Name’s Snowflake.

Nice name. I said as I moved closer to the Pegasus trying to stroke it.

Snowflake won’t mind you stroking her, but make sure you don’t try stroking Storm Striker. He will kick you so hard, you will reach Mount Olympus. Kyle said. – He’s only had a few friends but all have died battling monsters and giants. His previous rider, Alexa Cage, was hit by an arrow and she fell of Storm Striker. Snowflake on the other hand is our latest addition to our troop of Pegasus. She doesn’t have trust issues so far and her official rider is Harley Greene. I just borrowed her to pick you up.

I listened carefully to what he said. I tried my best not to interrupt him. After keeping my bicycle on the chariot, we sat on the chariot and we took off. Riding a Pegasus has a feeling of its own. It felt so good I couldn’t help myself but I shouted in joy. Kyle was startled and jokingly pushed me just with a bit force so I don’t fall from two thousand feet.

How many times have you ridden a Pegasus? – I asked curiously.

Countless times. – He replied. Though not all were fun. Some were as horrifying as being in the stomach of a fully grown Cyclops.

What the – I couldn’t absorb what he just said. You were in the stomach of a Cyclops!

Don’t ask, it’s a long story bro. I try my best to hold myself together, that event was awful. I lost a friend too. Silver Blade, my Pegasus died by the hand of that Cyclops. The next living monster to die was the Cyclops.

I remained quiet trying to show that I felt sympathetic towards him. Our silence was cut short by the screech of a bird. They were numerous and they were fast. They would catch up with us within seconds. They looked horrifying with red eyes and the sharp beaks. Their feathers were so sharp I was scared they would cut me to death.

What the hell! Kyle said as he was shocked to see those birds. I thought Stymphalian Birds were only found in the west. We don’t have Ivy with us, she is skilled with bows. We’ll have to attack them from short range and I don’t have a spare sword. Stand back I’ll defend you.

I have a knife and I’ll fight too. I said bravely. I self-tutored myself on how to use a knife and a sword.

No. this can be dangerous for a rookie.

The bird monsters caught up with us and as soon as they came in the range I slashed with my army knife. I underestimated the birds. The knife broke as soon as it made contact with the bird. Kyle was having more luck than me. His sword sliced and disintegrated the birds with ease. Luck was with us till Kyle was cut by one of the birds. The cut was deep. What was worse, it was his sword arm that was cut which made it difficult for him to fight the monsters. Another bird came and cut him on his leg. Kyle was forced down. Soon he had many cuts on him, his hand failed him and he dropped his sword right in front of me.

I wanted to help him. The more immediate help he needed was to be taken away from these birds. I picked up his sword and I started attacking the birds. Now that I had a proper blade, it made it easier for me to attack and deflect the birds. The birds were soon reducing in numbers. After a few more minutes, the birds left us, they thought it was suicide just coming close to me (well that is what I assumed they thought.)

I’ve never seen that style of swordplay before. – Kyle said ignoring his pain.

As I said, I self-tutored myself. – I said feeling proud. You should get some rest, you are wounded.

I’ll rest when we reach the Safe House.

Now that you mention it, how long till we reach the Safe House?

Some few hours at least, depends if we are attacked again or not.

Our rest of the journey was silent. Kyle removed a bottle with a thick liquid. He told me it was nectar, drink of the gods and heroes. Kyle fell asleep. Now that I had no-one to talk to, I stargazed. In a matter of minutes, my eyes started feeling heavy and I fell into a dreamless sleep. I hadn’t had a peaceful sleep in a long time.

Just as the sun was setting, both Kyle and I woke when Pegasus neighed. We saw an island appear at the horizon. It was a big island with many houses. The island was filled with hundreds of people about my age, though some were older and some were younger. They were three average sized arenas where I think they polished their skills rather than fighting to death. There was a big cave at the edge of the island which looked empty. Other than humans, I approximately saw: a dozen centaurs, fifty Satyrs, hundreds of dryads, small Cyclops and some harpies. Yes I know these names of the creatures.

We have reached, – Kyle pointed out.

Yes we have. I agreed.

On the opposite direction, another Pegasus was carrying three passengers. The Pegasus was brown with black spots and it looked stronger than Snowflake. They also had a better looking chariot, that’s unfair. I assumed they were bringing another new hero.

Now guys, always brace yourselves when you are in a chariot behind a Pegasus. Their landings aren’t stable and if you don’t take care, you may lose a limb or two. Snowflake had a terrible land. She crashed us on purpose and made a laughing sound.

Looking around, I discovered we were inside the borders of the island. We reached the Safe House.

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