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CHAPTER 1. Introduction: Essay

Paper type: Essay
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Haryana texprints was established in 1992 india.  It was known as indo texprints ( overseas) limited. The company  started it’s processing in dyeing, printing, bleaching and mercerizing. It used natural knirted and woven fabrics. Haryana texprints Moto is to provide good quality products and services to customers which means it is customer oriented. Our hallmark is our service.

Fabrics that are used to dye and print are:






Moss crepe 



It also includes cotton, manmade and other fabrics

Our setup in these fabrics shows our excellence in this industry.

Our service and products continue to thrive for new customers keeping our regular customers satisfied. Customer satisfaction has led to increase in demand in today’s market. Haryana texprints majors not only in kids wear but also in women and men’s too. Our company has already completed domestic as well as international orders. Our timely clients includes monsoon, forever 21 and Allen solly.


Printing Machine:

2 stormac RD-VI 

1 semi automatic flatbed printing 

3 printing table 

Dyeing Machine:

Jet dyeing machine 

Normal and jumbo jiggers

Auto maxi 


Big jiggers and maxi jiggers 


2 continuous mercerizing machine 

JT 10

Dying range 


The goal of this summer internship is to accomplish Marketing and Business skills so that it can be applied in real life too and it can also help in decision making.

One of the objective of this internship is also to enhance customer service skills.

In the course of this internship, the aim is also to work on the leadership skills as well as communication skills.


Supervisors forget that you’re new to the field.

Your work is not used

There is no proper feedback

Time Management is at the lowest

Relationship with other Mentors



Organisation Structure:

Name Designation

Aditya Maheshwari Chief Fianncial Officer

Anubha Agarwal Director

MP Rungtab Director

NP Jhanwar CEO

NP Jhanwar Managing Director

Padam Chand Gupta

Rang Nath Maheshwari


Executive Director

Satya Narayan Maheshwari


Sneha Gera

Sneha Gera Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer


The goal of Haryana Texprints Ltd. is to achieve an epitome of excellence and to become economical with the brand new styles and show consistency in clothing quality. Our main objective is to provide the best quality of production and supply in the shortest time. The aim is to create a better environment for our employees , and to provide 100 % satisfaction and stronger supplier and stakeholder relations to our customers. What more, Transparency and Trust, Empowered teams, and response to customers needs and simple and speedy processes that enable quick decisions.



 Dye and Print:

Sheeting and Poplins

Cambric, Mulls, Lawns and Voiles

Duck Fabrics

Rayon Fabrics like Viscose Rayon, High wet Modulo Rayon, High Ten city Rayon, Cup ammonium Rayon.

Drills, Twills, Satin and Gabardines

Plain, Dobby and Stub dress Martial.

Furnishing Fabrics

Printing Machines:

2 STORMAC RD-IV –12-color top of the line rotary printing machine with a printable width up to 72”

1 Semi Automatic flatbed printing machine 8 colors up to 48” printable width.

3 Printing table –40 mtrs each up to 60” printable width.

Dyeing Machine:

Soft flow(500 kg) – 3 machines

Jet Dyeing Machines

Normal and Jumbo Jiggers

CP Dyeing Machine to dye bulk fabrics of around 35000 yards.

Auto Maxi


Big Jiggers and Maxi Jigger

FONGS ‘s soft flow atmospheric dyeing machine fully import from Japan


2 Continuous Mercedizing machine

JT 10

Drying Range

Other Machines:

Zero-Zero / Sanfariosing

Coding / Polymerizes

Loop Azer

Print Washer

2 Hot air five chamber closed stenter with max processing width of 82

For knitted fabric printing we have:

Gumming and slitting machine to slit tabular knitted fabric for printing

Compact machine for special finish


The unit has also special finishes for the fabric, some of the Finishes are: –


Satin Resistance

Water Repellent Finish (Scotch Ground)

Crease Resistance

Fire Retardant

Nuva guard


SWOT Analysis

Strenghts :

The silver lining of this company is that it not only processes garments but it has also started manufacturing garments.

Our knowledge about current market situation is up to date which helps us with our design and expansion.

The epitome of excellence, in this company is that, that they make the customers their first priority by keeping the quality their products very well suited for them.l

There is a very well built organizational structure. Comprising of highly qualified and skilled staff.

Tangible assets such as dyeing machines, printing machines, are validated regularly and upgraded every time when technology gets advanced.

Satisfied customers 


Low labour productivity.

Limited promotion of Haryana texprints.

Expansion in domestic market is limited.

Expenses on working is high.

Limited people can have access products as cost of selling is high.

Finance cost is high.


Haryana texprints even after earning high profits have opportunity in unreserved domestic area.

After having numerous competitors in this field Haryana texprints still manages to have sales because of quality product which creates threat to others and opportunity to texprints.

The company has still not promoted themselves enough therefore they can still expand in this industry.

Greater Investment and FDI opportunity.


There are lots and lots of emerging companies in this industry which always creates a limited threat to the company.

Negative press and media coverage is a continuous threat to the company.

Attitude towards the company can be changed by the customers.

Change in political environment in the economy continuously creates a threat as new regulatory policies might come in exchange of existing one.




Haryana texprints Lacks with promotion in domestic market.


Although the company earns good profit but lacks in basic interest of the employees.


Distribution in income isn’t fair.


Concentration in international market is more than the domestic market.



Lack in promotion in domestic market is also an opportunity today, so the company can promote itself domestically which would eventually benefit them as more and more people would come to know about the company which would lead in increase in demand.


Basic interest of employees is to have a good working environment. 

A good working environment includes the psychological aspects of how your work is organised and your wellbeing at woek 


Uneven distribution in income leads to dissatisfaction within the company. It would lead to downfall in management and tasks.


The company should expand in domestic area as well, leaving domestic region would cut their margins in profits. International market can yield high gains but expanding in domestic area would only lead to addition in it. Customers tend to choose quality product which already exists with Haryana Texprints, which would create loyal customers to the company.


Results and Conclusions:

Currently the company has no long term borrowings.

Short term borrowing are rupees 2,71,33,732.

Operating ratio of company was 0.92 in 2016-17.

The quick ratio of company was 0.84 2016-17, this drastic change is due to contribution of current assets in inventory.

Taffee moters are pending with their dues.

Rohilla fabricators has 5 lakh rupees goods in the company.

Firm earna rs. 900000 from land.

The loan taken by directors has been reduced to 14 lakhs.

Eicher tractors has to pay approx  lakh.

The cost of material has come down by 33 lakhs.

Depreciation of company is lowered to 2400000.

Trade payable paid during the year by the company 40 lakhs.

Trade receivable of the company is rs. 12400761.

Inventory cost has been reduced by 54 lakhs.

Improved working capital can be seen.

There is rise in tangible assets by 2 lakh.

Managerial actions should be improved for tangible assets.

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