Chaos and the strange actor of meaning Essay

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Chaos and the strange actor of meaning

According to Cable an employee’s duties are to take care of his or her safety and health, cooperate with the supervisor, utilize resources, contribute to developments and generally everything listed in the employee contract (2007). A leader’s duty that should not be performed by an employee is to create and explain to team members their job description, provide and allocate resources, keep open communication lines, and mentor employees of the company among others (Cable, 2007).

Leaders have guidelines for planning personnel so as to can allocate them into the right positions. These include; firstly looking at what is needed, defining the work, and then check the plans according to the guidelines. In assessing individual capabilities if they are suitable, leaders should be able to know the guideline for measuring which include; what they are designed to measure and predict and level of objectivity, and standardization (Cable, 2007). In order to motivate employees effectively in an organization, the leaders should be able to communicate clearly, reward individual efforts, and engage them in problem-solving among others.

According to Cable, change can be managed in an organization by nurturing the guiding group, relaying the right vision and mission, and find ways to make the change a new culture of the organization (2007). Information can be managed by leaders through providing focus on adoption policies, and choosing projects wisely and many more.

When it comes to designing jobs, the processes of complementing should marry the objectives, and should be continuous among others. Relationships grow in an organization when people treat each other with integrity, respecting one another’s boundaries and accepting individual difference (Cable, 2007).

These new science guidelines for business organization ensure to leaders are able to, tap into people’s skills, projecting positive image to the clientele and strengthening company credibility (Cable, 2007). Managers and leaders should learn how to communicate effectively, being honest, building beneficial relationships, should be fair and open, and model favorable behaviors.


Daniel M Cable. (2007) .Change to strange: create a great organization by building a strange workforce. Upper Saddle River, N.J

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