Changing The Constitution Assignment Essay

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Changing The Constitution Assignment

Write a one-page essay explaining the process for changing the Constitution. What is the difference between formal amendments and informal amendments? Why are these practices so important and how have they contributed to the Constitution’s ability to last for so long? Point value: 25 points

Grading Rubric:
Essay is at least one full page in length – 10 points
Essay clearly and factually explains the answer to each question asked – 15 points.

A “Formal amendment” is one that actually adds to or changes the US constitution. It is approved by the states and becomes law. An “informal amendment” is a change to the meaning or interpretation of the Constitution of the united states. There is no real informal way to change the constitution, and its not actual change to the wording of the constitution; rather its the way we preceive the Constitution that changes. One that comes to mind is the equal rights amendment (1972) which prohibits the inequality of men and women. Opponents say that the amendment is no longer needed, as the issues are already laws.

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