Pursuing Higher Education for a Better Future

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My reasons for college are probably just like everyone else’s. I went to college because I wanted a better life for myself. I decided to switch jobs, so I would not be living paycheck to paycheck like my parents had in the past.

I know I did not want that, and that was the main reason why I had decided to go to college. Another reason was I wanted to get a better education other than just a High School Diploma.

Many government jobs, as in the one I have chosen to pursue, required a bachelors degree . My final reason for wanting to go to college was that I still had military benefits, which would pay for my education. I was fortune enough to get into college, so why not take advantage of it, and obtain a college degree.

My main reason for wanting to go to college is that I wanted to have a better life. I didn’t want to live my life, paycheck to paycheck, and worry about weather or not, I am going to make enough money to support my son.

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My parents never went to college, and while they both have decent jobs, it still would be easier for them, if they had gone to college. Not everyone can go to college to better themselves, and I am blessed to be given this chance to make a better person out of myself. C

ollege is important to me, my sister was the only one in my immediate family to go to college, Therefore, she had set the standards by earning a degree.

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My whole family had looked down upon me for not making that decision after high school. Another reason why I decided to go to college was because many employers takes you more seriously if you have something more than just a high school diploma. I didn’t want to be working at some warehouse my whole life, by hardly having enough money to

support not only myself, but my family also. Being in college, and getting a degree in Information technology, will give me many of opportunities in the job market. It would help me get the job I have pursued, one that I look forward to going to everyday, and one that will support my family. My last reason, but my most important reason is, that I decided to go to college, because the military was all I have known since High School.

I Have served eight years in the United States Army, away from people I had grown up with, so when I got out it was all new for me, and it made me very anti-social. So a big reason of why I wanted to go to college was so I can experience life outside of a uniform. The G.I. Bill pays for my college education, while paying my housing allowance to have security with my mortgage payment. I am hoping by being in College, I have made the one of the better decisions in my life.

So overall, college is going to be a great opportunity for me. It says “Oh look at me, I have a degree, just like my sister!” I am fulfilling my dreams by doing something to better myself in life. So far, college has helped me obtain the career I have chosen, and in the end it will really pay off, and turn me into someone that I want to be.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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