Changing of Women Rules in Global Business Essay

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Changing of Women Rules in Global Business

Now, the role of women in today’s society is becoming increasingly visible and important than in comparison with the situation of 30 years ago. More and more women have started to try their self in different areas of human society, such as politics, science, business, journalism, charity etc. And areas such as entrepreneurship and business is no exception, on the contrary, they have become a priority because the people who are successful in business will always be respected and considered, especially in the world “men’s rules.

Since ancient times, men do not take women, as it was believed that a woman’s place in the family sphere, it is unusual and should stay at home, manage the household, raise children, take care of her husband and so forth, but those days are long gone, and the woman is free to do what though no one can deny them. While many may disagree with that, especially in societies living on the old foundations, and Sharia law, where the woman stays at home and raises her children.

And I must admit that in the West and in the more developed countries, women with all other than for example in Muslim countries. Women are much freer in their choice and the right activities. That is, they are not worse than men; at least the governments of these countries have taken measures to gender equality and discrimination against women. Equality of rights is the essential foundation of any democratic society that aspires to social justice and respect for human rights.

The modern woman in this world are becoming more and more independent, hence, with men moving into the background taking place with them on a social level by changing their stereotypes, which were considered by it since childhood, but when she decided to climb the social ladder, it must prepare for the development of foreign territory. And the higher it will go up, the less it will be around the fairer sex. Thus, for a higher level of women need to learn the rules of conduct in a man’s world. The participation of women in business in the developed world and the familiar phenomenon is not surprising in the business world and society.

Most commands respect the fact that women are showing remarkable abilities and business acumen. This paper is designed to explore the nature of women’s social position and description of the main characteristics of their social status and studies of women in today’s economy and business, market pressures on its social health. 1. The paradox of female companionship. According to the UN Population Division, 49. 7% of the population is women. It is difficult to understand the true customs and traditions, to experience how people live in a particular country.

Moreover, even more difficult to provide an accurate picture of the situation of women in different countries – where the image of a woman’s life is not as noticeable, where the woman does not participate in economic and political life of the country, where, as a rule, she plays the role of a wife, mother, mistress of the hearth . But sometimes those women, about which we firmly There are certain stereotypes are not living the way we imagine, have certain rights and status in society.

It is known that Japanese women live in a society where “dominates and rules the man. The dominant role of men in this country has developed historically for a long time, and, as in all countries of the East, the predominant role is expressed everywhere: in the business environment, and the arts, and in politics. But the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese women, her desire to agree, its great patience, a sense of harmony and balance in all things, the willingness to sacrifice were known to ancient times and carried the glory of a Japanese woman around the world. Japanese wife running the business is reconciled with the fact that her husband is found not more than a couple days a week.

It may seem that the Japanese woman is under the yoke of patriarchy and pressure from the men. However, this is not the case. That Japanese has more rights than women of other countries in Asia and the Orient. Japanese woman confides education of children and the decision of their fate, it is completely given the right to dispose of her husband’s earnings and decide what expenses and how much need to be done, the Japanese women work, and some of them are financially stable and resting on the feet. Japanese women are able to hide their feelings, build diplomatic relations with her husband, seeking from him a lot more than European women.

But even with a lot of rights, under the influence of civilization, becoming more independent, educated and self-confident, a Japanese woman still accompanies her husband to the door, with reverence and obedience to lower our heads bowed her husband followed. In Iran, is rarely seen without a black woman, at least – a green curtain that hides her hair, the shape, and sometimes even the face. From the outside it seems that the women in this traditional and patriarchal country have virtually no rights and are entirely dependent on men. In fact, it is in Iran, women live an active and fulfilling life.

Active and energetic Iranian women evolved over many centuries. O daughters of checks that are cutting their beautiful hair and wore a military armor, as well as men to defeat the enemy, there is still a legend. Therefore, even the leader of the revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini said that “for the revolution is to thank the women. ” The case for women of the East, we can say that their situation is not so bad as we describe the Western media, so whether women in general to engage in politics or business to the detriment of his personal life and family.

After all, we all know what this means, when a woman chooses a career, not a family. In Western countries, a woman does not want to lag behind men because society is so constructed that causes compete with the opposite sex, and to claim their rights. Thus, women put themselves under the family or career choice and the choice often falls on the first option. As a result, it leads to divorce or refraining from family relationships. Frequent quarrels and not paying enough attention to children, that leads to the child becoming self-contained and further experience severe stress.

Also, women in these countries often lead dissolute lifestyle, drinking, smoking, etc. And it is for these reasons that many women somovolno decide to start a family, abandoning the business activity, and not because someone is prohibited for them or criticizes it.

2. Concept of “Businesswomen”. The modern woman in this world are becoming more and more independent, hence, with men moving into the background taking place with them on a social level by changing their stereotypes, which were considered by it since childhood, but when she decided to climb the social ladder, it must prepare for the development of foreign territory.

And the higher it will go up, the less it will be around the fairer sex. Thus, for a higher level of women need to learn the rules of conduct in a man’s world. The participation of women in business in the developed world and the familiar phenomenon is not surprising in the business world and society. Most commands respect the fact that women are showing remarkable abilities and business acumen. Business women are self-employed, as the rules inherent in the following personal qualities and characteristics.

Women, as a rule, the nature carefully and meticulously know how to count money. If you want to explore the firm’s position in the market, the women successfully cope with it. Diligence and thoroughness, determination and precision, care of women in the work known to all. Ingenuity and flexibility of thinking, the ability to analyze and evaluate the readiness to make decisions, communication skills and social competence – these are the qualities that a woman and needed her as an entrepreneur and manager. In most of the female population is at least half the workforce.

At the time, the women are still facing difficulties in fully participating in the production process; they are, however, increase their buying power. Demographic studies show that an increasing number of women, who increasingly have to make decisions of financial issues. This trend is reflected in our developing world, where most of the immigrants were women. Women play an important and growing role in the global economy; they make a significant contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) by increasing the level of consumption of goods and especially the use of services.

It is assumed that the increased participation of the female population in the labor market contributes to the potential growth of the economy, especially in the west. In most developed countries among students, first degree, as well as incomplete higher (the minimum period of training – two years), more girls than boys. To business and to the success of women are moving a lot of reasons and motivations. Below are some of them: – The desire to create the present and future of their own work; – Hope unification into one work and personal life; The desire to realize their hopes and their style of business activity; – Waiting for a good reward for their efforts and increase their personal wealth, – Ability to reveal his “I,” his abilities as the previous post did not contribute to this; – The tendency to take risks, find a way out of risk situations; – The value of the specifics of growing back, which founded the company; – The impact of friends and acquaintances;

3. Statistics and facts. In 2004, the U. S. percentage of girls among the students was 60%. In the UK, this level is fixed at around 67%, in Germany – 61%, and in Sweden – 53%. Japan and Korea are among the leading countries in Asia: 65% and 52%, respectively (information is based on a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). In general, this trend must modern employment opportunities, as well as increase the cost of living are not cheering. In general education strengthens position in the labor market, increasing its potential earnings. Migration of women to the private sector is not accidental.

It is here that women managers can achieve some success. Business requires knowledge of financial problems, Mastering accounting, psychology, communication, and marketing. The rapid growth of economy “women” – the burning topic of conversation, reports impress with reference to The Financial Times. “According to the Boston Consulting Group, women control $ 12 trillion in global spending and are the driving force for earnings growth on a global scale, 5 trillion dollars,” – says journalist Lucy Warwick-Chin. From 2000 to 2007, in the U. S. he number of wealthy women, not less than one thousand five hundred dollars for investment, increased by 68%, while the number of wealthy men – only 36%.

Therefore, the economy women are called a force to be reckoned with. It is expected that its global economic impact in the coming years will be greater than that of Brazil, Russia, India and China combined. In some countries, women understand the strength of the economy is better: the powers of women in the U. S. are much higher, and their contribution to the economy – more than British women and other women of the world.

Why women are more successful in the manual? a) Women make better leaders – they know how to think about several matters and, at the same time, to plan for the future, while men are able to concentrate on one issue, preferring to solve problems in series; b) Women are inherently more organized and able to act effectively because they mother. Take responsibility – it’s in the nature of women; c) Purposeful Women and men consistently better eye for detail analyze and take into account the nuances of the work; d) Women – more sociable, they tend to trust behavior.

They are better at organizational and planning functions, adapt faster to changing conditions, regardless of the subordinates, contributes to these productivity improvements; e) Women leaders know best “key” people are products of their business are focused on the customer, the new product (or service) that is needed by the market; Women managers not only achieve lasting results of enterprises, but also create new jobs, successfully solve social problems as a team, and, especially, women, and the city in general.

Organization is fully aware of the distinctive features of the motivation and methods of women will be more successful. Women take over 80% of purchasing decisions; they account for 70% of firms startups. This is the most important target group in the world. Conclusion: A woman in business today has become increasingly strengthening its position in the modern world women leading a significant percentage of all business structures.

There is also a tendency to increase the number of women in business – every year the percentage coming into the business men and women favor the women. From this we can conclude that the role of women in society as a whole is growing every year. Already, many men in business recognized for a number of their women preeminent – in fact, in many areas of business activity, the stronger sex surrendered their positions. Thus, a woman in the business has a number of objective advantages over men, there are literally ome grown women – hairdressing salons, beauty salons, retail trade, in general, any commercial enterprise, requiring attention to detail, with little or average number of staff personnel. The proportion of women is higher in small business, then – medium businesses. In the large, the more international business, men continue to lead – but in the management of the business often are forced to have female staff, as its presence in certain circumstances treats business tactics – activities.

According to psychologists, a woman in the business of building a more cautious relationship with its business partners, avoiding excessive risk-taking, “sharp turns. ” It is particularly sensitive to the issues of corporate culture, introducing an element of warmth and “nepotism” in the business life of the strict rules of the organization. These factors, among other things, increase the profitability of new technologies that increase productivity.

Female leader, as a carrier of emotional start, can acutely feel the psychological climate in the team, to understand what was going on the conflict, and, perhaps, to prevent its onset. In conclusion, I would like to give an answer of the American writer and historian G. Wils on the question of the most significant changes: “For the past 40 years, the status of women has changed as it has not changed over the past four centuries. No change has not affected so deeply social. Changed relationship between wife to her husband, mother to child, woman to woman.

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