Changing of a Recruiting Distribution

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One facet of military life and just society in general that I have always found interesting is the fact that every person you meet or that is involved in an organization such as an army is from a different walk of life then you. For example, when someone is in the military, the men and women that are in their company or division are all from contrasting states or counties spanning over hundreds of thousands of miles and they were all trained in dissimilar states and grew up in differing communities with various dynamics.

While, nowadays, the reason for this is that recruiting is spread so far across a country like the United States that anyone really has access to a recruiting station or knows of the military and how to enlist no matter where they are from or how they grow up.

How has this recruiting distribution changed over time and how does the country in which one lives impact it? Lets take, just for instance, the country of England during the medieval period, say during the Hundred Years War (approximately 1337-1453).

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In this paper, as a rough thesis, I will be looking to argue that the recruitment areas within Medieval England greatly varied based on the ever-changing context of the Hundred Years War. The variation of counties may be because of the evolution of new weaponry, fresh tactics, and numerous other factors that could have shaped where the British army recruited.

The way that I will perform this is by looking at a medieval soldier database that has records on where the soldiers are from and when they originally joined their branch of service.

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The authors and creators of this online database are Professor Adrian Bell who teaches at the Henley Business School at the University of Reading in Reading, Berkshire, England and Professor Anne Curry who teaches at the University of Southampton. It has included contributions from numerous other scholars and professors that have been involved on the project at one time or another. The website and its records is continuously being refreshed and having names and records adding to its constantly growing medieval soldier database. The way that they are able to consistently and regularly add to their reservoir of names is that they are always going through the almost endless amounts of pay rolls and pay lists that were kept by the head of the financial departments of the monarchies. These records are present within archives spanning countries all over Europe, but specifically in England and France.

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