Changing Landscape of Health Care Essay

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Changing Landscape of Health Care

Health care will always be a revolving door of change, and growth. With today’s voice in patient population it has been easier to guide where health care needs to fix itself. Technology and health care has been a positive collaboration thus far. This paper will discuss the shifts taking place in the health care market, the current and a potential challenge, how health care is handling challenges, and how has marketing changed? The major shifts that have been taken place are the hands on approach patients have with their own health care decisions and progress. With today’s health care challenges of managing electronic health records in the patients hands, many medical technology’s have been an interactive play ground in the digital health care age. This then allows the patient to gain and have more control in their health care process.

Patients are able to see what they need to accomplish to better their health, and it allows for the patient to make the necessary changes to better their health care needs. The current changes are the interactive approach that the patient population will now have with their electronic health record. This allows the patient to see their history and what predisposed disease’s they should test for. Potential changes I can see coming is being able to pay medical bills through the patient’s electronic health care record. With the new addition of mobile phone applications this can help the patient to become more involved in their health care status. The challenges in electronic health care records will always be the concern of patient’s records being breached.

This causes major red flags in electronic records software, with many firewalls and virus detectors in the previous medical records breach. These challenges will always be a concern in today’s digital age. The United States health care system has been prepared for any hackers and or system potential failures. Health care organizations have come to an understanding in making electronics health records a number one priority today. In future years I see health care becoming a strong and efficient system, it will have its moments of pitfalls, but with consistency and determination as a country and health care system the United States electronic health care system can become a strong candidate for a great health care system.

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