Changes in the Workplace Essay

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Changes in the Workplace

I believe the work environments can be positive or negative on the psychology health and workplace. The work environment has many properties that can affect both psychological and physical well-being, which is important to understand those aspects of work environments as well as identifying psychosocial characteristics of the workplace, which can affect his or her health. The first step is to create a psychologically workplace, which takes commitment and time to develop a strategy to effect changes at the workplaces to improve the health of all employees. For example: the choices that each person makes and how the individual treats his or her bodies; not only affects the individual health but also the individual mental health, which can be carried over to the workplace causing unwanted stress. Also lack of sleep making it hard to concentrate, irritated with the employees, and unable to do his or her daily tasks that the job requires, which can make the workplace more difficult.

Unhealthy diet can make the individual sick and unable to complete the job that’s needs to be done, as well as mental stress that can cause more health problems. Studies on relationships between health and psychology has become more establish in recent years because researchers have provided insight into how an individual’s psychology and health. Such as the individual personalities, personal relationships, and the individual mental and biological processes are all factor in relation to health psychology, which needs to be considered when trying to maintain or to balance his or her health, is to find the correct balance of treatment choices, such as circumstances or other alternative that may be adding to the cause of physical health issues. I believe that lifestyle choices that can affect psychology and health in the workplace can be poor diet. For example: When an individual chooses to skip breakfast in the morning can have a difficult time concentrating, or become irritable.

The individual may also develop physical symptoms such as headache, dizziness, or nauseas. When the individual becomes irritable, this can lead to lack of communication with other employees as well as loss of production on everyone’s schedule. I also believe when making poor choices can develop problems that can affect the workplace, also leads to psychological, behavioral, and physical difficulties. To enhance health and prevent illness is to improve his or her allover health, even if the changes are small; it can make a big difference by enhancing his or her health and to prevent illness.

For example: having well-balance meals that includes breakfast and a healthy diet can provide energy, which will also lower the risk of certain disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and hypertension. To maintaining a healthy body, and a health weight, is to have a healthy diet and physical activity to decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease, and reducing the heart rate. However, taking care of our body is a big step toward emotional and mental health because the mind and the body are linked to each other, and when the individual improves his or her physical health, well the individual will experience greater mental and emotional well-being (Lifestyle to enhance Health and Prevent Illness).

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