Change Places Essay

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Change Places

If I get an opportunity to replace myself with any one in the world then I would like to replace myself with Mr. Bush, the president of America. Mr. Bush is responsible for portraying negative image of America as an enemy of humanity by doing wars against Muslims only on the basis of religious discrimination. Mr. Bush is the murderer of nearly one hundred thousand innocent citizens of Afghanistan and Iraq while trying to fight against only two persons Usama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein on one side and thousands of precious lives of our beloved soldiers and the soldiers of collision countries. These soldiers joined the arm forces with the aim to give their priceless lives to serve their respective countries and country men in case of any danger but unfortunately their precious lives went in vain in a cruel plan of Mr. Bush’s administration against the humanity.

America, the only super power of the world and the place of opportunities to flourish for every one, followed the instructions of Israel to have a war against Muslims and in the process earned disgrace from all over the world. It is a major loss done to America and Americans due to this heinous purposed war. After replacing myself with Mr. Bush, firstly I will order American armed forces to leave Afghanistan and Iraq and made the charge to UN peace keeping forces in these countries.

I will order large amount of grants for the purpose of reconstruction of these countries which have been completely destroyed due to exhaustive use of highly dangerous weapons. In case of Iraq, we attacked the country even Iraq was proved innocent by the United Nations nuclear weapons inspection team for not having any kind of dangerous kind of nuclear and chemical weapons and in case of Afghanistan we could not find Usama Bin Laden, so I will make sure that any future American president can not play with the humanity just to obey the orders from Israel.

If Laden is the murderer of the few victims of the world trade center tragedy, then in this regard Mr. Bush is the murderer of thousands of people from all over the world so while I will be in place of Mr. Bush as Bush; I will resign from the office of the president of the America and will face the following just allegations against me:

1) Schism in American Society.

2) Invasion on Iraq on fallacious grounds (of having WMD), and killing thousands of innocent people.

3) Creating worse conditions in ME and outside by giving freehand to Israel (for preparing WMD and threatening other nations).

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