Change Management Plan and Communication Plan Essay

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Change Management Plan and Communication Plan

Workers react to change differently and often feel threatened by it. Reaction to workplace transformations usually manifests itself in one of three ways. There is proactive reaction that sees change as an opportunity to try new and improved things. Reactive workers resist change and try to keep things as they were. Inactive employees take the neutral position and straddle the fence watching the struggle between other employees. Older workers within the company tend to resist change because they want to do things the old way. Employees may feel a loss of identity. They may feel a loss of control. Workers also experience a loss of meaning, belonging, and even a loss of their future. Trying to make the changes seem positive does not erase the uncertainty, rumors, or the ambiguity (Jones, 2011).

Managers should strategize on the best way to enforce any changes at Riordan Manufacturing. There should be some expectation of resistance in regard to any change. There should be time restraints and deadlines put into place. The changing process may affect deadlines until everyone is on task with the operational changes and new policies. Managers must plan ahead for any resistance at Riordan. Forming task teams that oversee each department affected by the changes over the next 12 months is one strategy that can prove useful. New goals and expectations as a result of the changes should be outlined and followed. There should be effective communication skills with floor managers and employees (Gul & Sahin, 2011).

The process can run smoother if the employees at Riordan feel motivated, and teamwork encouraged. There will be employee evaluations over the next year to monitor the success or failure of the changes. New system changes, problems, and success will be determined weekly in a detailed report. The reports from the task team and the floor managers will determine the feasibility of the changes. Employees will be required to take assessments to ensure that they fully understand the new operations. New records will be maintained, updated, and signed by each employee. Training and educational courses will be provided, including computer classes.

Gul, H., & Sahin, K. (2011). The Information Society and Public Employees Perception of Transformational Leadership. Selcuk University Social Sciences Institute Journal(25), p237-249. doi:64368178 Jones, T. (2011, January). Use Resistance to Enact Workplace Change. Business Journal Serving Fresno & the Central San Joaquin Valley, p.11. doi:10797394

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