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TCO A: The company is preparing to make a substantial change to the payment and advantages program for the next. This change will impact all branches of the company throughout the U.S. Eight thousand workers will be needed to move from the extremely popular existing overall benefits program to the brand-new system. A settlement research study figured out that a lot of employees will require upgraded position titles and salary bands. A. Assemble the modification management imperatives that will go into making this a successful change job.

B. Construct a set of methods that managers can utilize to assist employees handle complex modification. C. Encourage the managers associated with this change that the imperatives that you recognized and the strategies to help employees manage change will assist them manage the complex truths of this modification task. (Points: 30).

TCO B: You are the Director of Modification Management, and it is anticipated that you can read the business modification “tea leafs” and have a model for modification and a method to plan modification when the need emerges.

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A. Construct a model of modification that shows the truth of change in modern-day organizations and reflects your beliefs about modification. B. Consider an organizational change that you believe ought to be carried out in a company where you work now, or one you worked for in the past.

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Create a plan to carry out change by integrating your change design. C. Plan a system to measure how your model will affect the organization.

TCO C: Put this scenario into the context of an organization where you work now or did in the past. Your organization has recently (past two months) hired a new VP of Marketing and she is trying to understand the various types of changes that might impact the organization in the future. This is important to know, as it is hard to develop a strategic vision for the Marketing Department without first considering how things might look in the future. A. Evaluate the various types of change pressure that might impact the organization in terms of: (a) staffing levels, and (b) corporate branding. B. You are further asked to compile a list that compares each potential force for change to the stability of the organization. C. Speculate as to why some of these potential pressures on organizations to change do not impact all organizations in the same way. (Points: 30)

TCO D: As the change expert for the State Department of Natural Resources in a large state with thousands of acres of forests, lakes, and wildlife, you learn that the legislature voted to privatize the entire department in order to save money and help reduce state and local taxes. It is entirely possible that some current government agency employees could be hired to work as “civilian” employees of the private company. A. Appraise the cultural impact of this change on the employees who will move from government to private sector employment. B. Speculate on the changes that will come to the strategic behaviors of the new privatized organization compared to the government organization. . Propose a plan that will help bring alignment between former government employees and the new strategy that they will have to work within. (Points: 30)

TCO E: The organization is going through sweeping changes that will lead to layoffs and a situation where several “managers” will now be reporting to their former “direct reports.” A. Compose a likely set of reasons why people will resist this change. B. Appraise the most effective and least effective strategies for overcoming the resistance to the change identified in the scenario. C. Devise a plan to implement the most effective approaches to reducing change resistance. (Points: 30)

TCO F: There are many approaches to diagnosing change in an organization. In the end, the change agent must use the best practices of various models of diagnosis and apply them to the organization. A. Appraise two approaches to diagnosing organizational change, pointing out what works and what does not work in effective organizational diagnosis.

B. Construct your own version of an effective diagnostic model using the best elements of other models. Be specific about the components of the model you create.

C. Create a strategy that will measure the effectiveness of your diagnostic model. (Points: 30)

TCO G: It’s no secret that having a vision for change and being able to communicate the change project are critical to success. However, that all requires a communication plan. Assume that you are working on a change project and need to design a solid communication plan. A. Help yourself by generating a checklist of key attributes of a good change communication plan. B. Then, compose an example change communication using an appropriate scenario. C. Finally, formulate a methodology to measure the success of your communication plan. (Points: 30)

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