Chance vs. Fate Essay

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Chance vs. Fate

Do you ever tried to think, what if chance and fate face a fight? Who do you think would be the winner? And who do you think would be the looser? If one people began to fight his chance and his fate,. Who do you think would make him feel happier? Is it the chance who gave him chance, or is it fate that decide his life. Maybe most of you think that chance would be the obvious winner, for more people is now wanted to take a chance than fate. But how ever what if I told you that fate is stronger than chance? What if I tell you that if you need to choose a choice between chance and fate,. I must tell you that fate is the better choice than chance. That fate can assure you that you’ll never regret for choosing it than chance. For fate must knew the Rightful one than chance. How? Because I had a very interesting story about chance and hope. That made me realized what’s The best choice for me. And this is just happened to me a month ago before December enter the year.

Since birth I have a childhood friend that became part of my life. Each and every day we are together. Those days are just passing by and our relationship as friends became more deeper and deeper that I came to the point I fall in love with him secretly. But instead of telling it into him, I decided to not mention my feelings anymore for our friendship has been gone through the years. And I don’t want to ruin that friendship. But fate never gives a consideration, into me. My parents decided to continue my high school at manila, together with my sister. And when my last day in our province came, I let him knew that I was leaving. That time I wanted to tell him the truth. I have the chance but I let it go. I never succeeded telling into him that I really love him. After that event I really hate fate for deciding what for my life. I do really hate it for I was such in a poor condition that time. But two years had passed. No communication for the last two years. And when I spent my semestrial break in our province after two years, I really did see the things change. When I came back home I saw him.

And flashback remains into my head. But instead of smiling into him, I pretend not to see anyone. until he said to me that he was fallen in love with me. But as hearing the soft words he had spoken I cant really imagined that all the old feelings of yesterday is now coming back faster. But of course, I remembered he was my friend. And I like him too. But what the heck? After some month I rejected him even though I loved him. And that he quits on asking. After some month December came a number texted me and ask who it was. But I was shocked It was my classmate since I’m in grade six. If I remembered nothing go right with our relationship as classmate. He was my first crush during my elementary days, I remember how he always make me cry during the time. I remember how he spoke word into me in front of everybody else. I remember it all. We never had the time to speak even a little single word without fighting with each other. Until graduation we never had. And now his here and telling me if he have the chance. Normally, I won’t forgive him for the past few years for what he has done.

I don’t want to forgive him but my heart likes to. And I can’t even understand of all this years, why is the feeling of long old love was coming back again? But then time gives me chance to think of. And I really found out what it has to be. That my classmate is my real one true love for that I have realized that: On our situation of my best friend, we have the very big chance but fate decide. And give me the real answer. And time gave me realization to know what is meant to be. Name: Mariflor B. Villanueva Essay no: 4 Date: December 6 2012 “My Ambition” I was young when I tell many of my ambition in life. One I must tell, I wanted to be a teacher because, I wanted to wrote on the board and make my student copy what I write. I also told my mom that I wanted to become a scientist someday because I wanted to be famous and known as a knowledgeable person. Some days, I shouted I wanted to become a business woman it because, I wanted to hold money. I wanted to be a house designer because I wanted to create my own house.

I wanted to become a fashion designer it because, I want to make some gowns and wedding dress. So many to mention when I was kid. Too many ambition and many reasons why I wanted to be something like that. Imagine. When I was kid I have many dreams and ambition having some many reasons to tell. I am a dreamer girl when I was kid. But now how, I wonder so many things. I questioned all what I have said during my days of childhood. I don’t want to be a teacher because what I heard nowadays is just: “just take education, you don’t have enough knowledge” what they mean is that teachers nowadays is just not that famous now. I don’t wish to be scientist for I already know, I can’t be a knowledgeable person. I will never take the path of being a business woman because I don’t know math at all. I will never wish to be a house designer for I am no good at sketching a house. And most. I never imagined myself being a fashion designer for that I don’t wanted anymore to take that job for I believe it wasn’t my future. I have nothing now. I have nothing now to say what I wanted to be in the near future.

I can’t just imagined myself of a perfect ambition. All my dreams in my childhood days fade away and if I’m a dreamer in my childhood days, now I feel I am now so useless of the community to think what I wanted. I don’t feel like I belong to any course I have think. Now I am just a little girl without a dream for her future. Until I accidentally broke a glass. I saw the glass shinning when it is in the sun. I imagined it as a diamond sparkling. And the idea came to my mind. How about if, I try to make it a jewellery? Like necklace? It is nice to have an own sketched necklace right? So I took the broken glass I search some metals that can be fold, and an old rope of necklace. I took some help with my uncle for chaining the pattern I did. And he well made it very nice. At the end, I was so happy it was my own crafted jewellery. Starting that day, I decided to be a jewellery designer. Not because I am inspired doing some Jewellery, or just I wanted to be famous in everyone, but now… I suddenly realized how to have a good ambition and reason.

My reason that, I wanted to became a jewellery designer someday not because of anything but I do want to become jewellery designer because, I want someday to see people wearing my designs around their neck, their arms, their finger, and such many else. I wanted to become a merely jewellery designer to see how people love my designs. That was my ambition and my reasons for why I liked to become what I am dreaming now. Name: Najeeb A. Imam Essay no: 3 Date: December 6 2012 “To be the Highest” When I was young, I said to myself that I wanted to be having the highest position. Highest that No one will reach me as I am. And that I thought that to be the highest I must need to be the President of this country. To rule anyone, to make this country more successful more than any Other country. But I was wrong knowing out that to be a president you’re not consider as a high Person. I realized inside myself. So I change what I wanted.

And now, I said to be the highest I need to be a successful doctor. Because doctor saves life. Doctor saves many lives of human. Without a doctor everyone will be sick and there will be more people dying. But realizing to be A doctor is not the path in a way to be the highest. But what I had realize this pass few years that To be one of the highest person, you don’t need to be a president, doctor, scientist, engineer or What so ever. Because I realized, to be the highest person, you must have to be a teacher for everyone. In order To be a successful man, I need to be a teacher. Because teacher is the highest position all this Time. Why teacher? Maybe you’re wondering my teacher? Well it because, without a teacher, There will no presidents, no engineer, no scientist, no doctor, and no one. Because to be in one Great position, you would first need to learn something. To have a knowledge in order to be a Successful man. All o the knowledge of the workers now, is well made by a great teacher. A Great teacher that lead them to the right path. A nice teacher that teach everything in to her/his Student.

That is why, I decided to be someday, I wanted to be a teacher. Not just an ordinary teacher but I wanted to be the teacher of everyone. Who will teach, and lead everyone in the right path. I I wanted to be a teacher it because for me teacher is the best. For me no one would ever compare The value of a teacher to the value of other. For teacher, knows the best, teacher lead the way, a teacher who’s gonna lead her/his student in The right path. A teacher that everybody loves. And if someday I will be a successful teacher I promised that I will teach the value of a teacher. Name: Najeeb A. Imam Essay no: 4 Date: December 6 2012 “To write” If you wanted to write a something, a poem, a paragraph, or an essay, how did you write freely? Do you usually, express you’re feeling at what you are writing? Or do you just write too Generally? If you will ask me how I write or how I wrote just like this, I would tell you that just write what You feel, and write like you’re just sharing. Don’t be so afraid if you will commit a mistake Don’t be shy for its everybody face mistake.

If you wanted to write nicely that you want to show The world what have written don’t be so afraid. Because it is not in grammar, or penmanship, Can test how really good you are in writing or expressing idea. It is not tested by how you wrote Long, or how many incredible word do you know, but definitely it is not tested on how you’ve Written a thousand words. To test that you are good in writing, is not based on how you wrote your essay, your poem, your Paragraph. But the real question here is that… How many people have been interested to read what you have written? How many of them Appreciate it? How many of them did tell you you’re writing is amazing. The question is how Many readers did you gain when you shared you’re essay? Are they are few? Or they are just as Many? Because in writing essay, a thousand word is not the point. A beautiful penmanship is not the Requirements here. But it is the one that commonly tested here is by how you’re essay your Poem, your paragraph, inspired other? Essay is tested by which you write the importance of your Topic.

Essay depend in what is its components and substance. An essay, depends to what larger Meaning you have according to the topic. An essay depends to what it its substance. If it has a good meaning, or it just an essay that have nonsense things. If I am about to ask you, What contains your essay? Are you that willing to say that you’re essay is nice and meaningful? Or you will just crumpled it because you didn’t write at all instead you just earn some thousand Word that has no meaning at all. My dearest reader, of this essay that I wrote, I hope you all get what’s my point in here. I hope That you get what I said and what I had taught you. That a real essay don’t contain million words Or beautiful penmanship, but a real essay is one of the great things, that no matter how short Your essay is… if you have the most meaningful one then don’t be shy. For once again, essay is not to earn a million words but essay is for the a better meaning that Inspire other to write some. Name: Kins Jonas Go Essay no: Date: December 6 2012 “Cellphone” As our worlds began to change to be a modern one, many have change.

So many things that help Us through our daily living, electricity, transportation, and technology. It is good to think we are Now totally modern. That through the years we all now have the change. And one proof of it is the cell phone we use. Don’t you think the maker of cell phones is clever? Because in some other way, he/she used to invented a very interesting one. A very useful one to Us. Because without this technology maybe we are having hardships through communication. If there were no phones, can you imagine life? Well I think no right? Because our modern world Now is, full of phones. Everywhere you can see it. And maybe half of our population now is Having a phones now. Can you imagine how important phones are? Can you imagine how they are important to people Now? Students! For students like me, it is important because I used to used phones from my Daily living. Because the benefits that it gives me is very helpful to me. Very helpful that you Can call if there is emergency. You can take communication when you miss your mom or your Dad when they are far away.

Using cell phones you don’t worry that much with communication. So it is. Indeed phones are useful but in any other way it was harmful. Why? It because some User of phones use phones in a harmful one. They used phones for blackmails for someone, they Used phones to bully someone, they used phones to harm someone. The phones are not just safe. Because in any other way, it has a harmful effects that affect Everyone. When the phone made the user addicted so much, some possibilities may occur that a students Who use phones will destroy his path in studies. That was a negative effect to a students. Someytimes or somehow I wanted to warn everyone that one thing has a limitation. It couldn’t Be good forever. Like phones. Phones brings harmful and useful effect into us. Name: Kins Jonas Go Essay no: 4 Date: December 6 2012 “A diary” What is a diary? Did you ever tried to write one? How was the feeling of keeping a diary? Did you use to let everyone read it? Or do you just kept it secretly. A diary is something that a holds to the memories you write each and every day.

A diary that Holds so many secret beyond loves, llife, and many more. A diary is something that you write Late at night. A diary is something that holds half personality of someone. And I ever tried to read one. I have already read the diary of Anne Marie Frank. A teen ager girl Who is a Jew. Do you know that at the very young age, Anne use to write diary, a diary that Touches the heart of the readers. A diary that inspired other to write one. As I open and read her diary, I thought she only wrote what’s happening into her daily Life. But I was wrong finding it. Because what she had written is that the memories, of Daily events of her life. That somehow, in her life, and at the very young age, she did to kept A very interesting diary. That how I wished someday, I could just write a diary that inspire others.

And if I ever Gonna start to write a diary, I would definitely write the memories I can keep forever. That I can keep until I grew old. That someday when I wrote one I swear that I can inspire everyone Who reads it. That may will listed me to the famous journalist who had left a diaries. And in order to be one of them, starting today, I will never be… afraid to have wrong grammar For that I believe that everybody commits mistake like I do. And isn’t it were you commit Mistake there you gain a little correction? That you’ll learn. And I suddenly realized too that To kept a diary burdens sometimes the problems you feel deep inside. That when you don’t have A friend to be trust you just can’t help but to wrote what you have feel deep inside. That how ever you can assure the you’re secret is safe right?

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