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A very good day to you. I am writing to request you to provide me information about your beautiful and dynamic country – Singapore. I intend to visit Singapore during my summer vacations along with a group of my friends consisting of about 10 people. We will be here on a study-cum-pleasure trip. I would be grateful if you could inform us about student hostels, cheap and reliable hotels for students, as well as information on discounts offered to student groups.

I would also request you to provide me with information about culture and climate of Singapore, airfares, transport facilities in Singapore, good restaurants and clubs, currency exchange facilities, hospitals, travel insurance, and English-speaking doctors in Singapore in case of any emergency.

I have read that Singapore has some magnificent tourist attractions like Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, and Sentosa Island. I would request you to also provide me information about the tourist attractions and shopping spots that we can visit while we are in Singapore.

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Since me and my friends are planning to visit Singapore from 25 June 2008 to 5 July 2008, I would appreciate if you could provide me the required information by 1 June 2008 so that we can plan our trip accordingly. I would like to thank you in advance for your help and for your effort and time in gathering the required information.


Singapore International Chamber of Commerce. 2007. Retrieved June 1, 2008 from http://www. sicc. com. sg

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