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Challenging the Status Quo of Technology in Business Outline Essay

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I. Introduction

A. Getting in trouble as a teenager, led this innovative mind to reshape technological advances to better suit Business needs as society sees it today.

B. Any Idea can be great; implementation of that idea takes careful planning and a smooth technological framework to seamlessly pull it off.

C. Choosing to eschew the established ways most seek out their lives, Bill Gates chose to cultivate his interests, even by getting in trouble with a corporation at a young age while capitalizing on an error in a system, and pivot these ideas into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

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D. An active dedicated mind that sees inadequacies around them is the best way to fuel innovative changes to streamline a business need. Having the keen ability to identify holes in logic and process is an opportunity to identify the need for change from an improvement standpoint.

E. A successful individual with a thirst for understanding of technology, and a desire to improve the ways that business can be protected, while being innovative in managing daily and long reaching business goals, has demonstrated ways to streamline efficiencies – all while improving revenues, and decreasing overhead. This successful, driven and adaptable individual defined ways for businesses to thrive, all while ultimately making it less complicated for users of a product to perform certain work tasks, while staying better organized and documented.

II. My program Technical Project Management

A. I selected Technical Project Management, as it is Essential for Business, and is an in demand field.

B. In two and a half years, I will have successfully obtained my Bachelor’s Degree, allowing me to fulfill my desire to participate in changing business climates, and help manage all aspects of project implementation with a strong understanding of all the skills required to manage projects from a technical standpoint.

C. To be successful in the Technical Project Management field I will need to be able to effectively identify all aspects of a project from a management perspective, these skills are defined by Schiff (2013, January 15) as “Highly Organized, and good multi-tasker, Have the ability to take charge and know how to lead, Be an effective communicator, Know How and When to Negotiate, Be Detail Oriented, Recognize and Solve Problems Quickly, Possess the necessary technical skills” (Schiff, J 2013)*

III. An effective leader demonstrates efficiencies of leadership by possessing core values of Honesty, Focus, Passion, and overall respect.

A. An effective leader is defined by how they utilize a combination of “nature and nurture is the obvious core element in the development of personality” (Williams, 2005) *

B. Positive leadership traits can be summarized with the following attributes: Williams (2005, June) defines positive leadership traits as: Personal consistency, Discipline and Integrity. Intolerance of mediocrity. A concern to build mutual trust. Focused passion for the business. Recognition of the critical importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. (Williams, 2005).*

IV. William Henry Gates III ‘Bill Gates’

A. Wikipedia provides the following to describe Bill Gates:” William Henry “Bill” Gates III (born October 28, 1955) [2] is an American business magnate, investor, programmer, [3] inventor [4] and philanthropist. (Wikipedia 2013) *

1. Relevant formative details: in 1975 Gates, a sophomore attending Harvard University, had read a copy of Popular Electronics that demonstrated the Altair 8800. Gates contacted Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) the creators of the new microcomputer and informed them that he and others were working on developing software from a program BASIC which was designed for large computers, after creating the program and meeting with MITS executives resulted in a deal and this new adapted software would be included in the first microcomputers. It would be at this point that Gates would not return to Harvard to finish his degree, instead he partnered with Paul Allen and named their partnership Micro-Soft. The team would later drop the hyphen, and then three years later moved back home to Washington and established corporation paperwork in Bellevue, where Microsoft and Bill Gates would become the leader, and powerhouse of software development. Wikipedia 2013*

2. As Co- Founder, and Chairman of Microsoft, Currently Bill Gates is regarded as the single most successful business person in the PC industry for all his contributions to consumer ready personal computer products. Wikipedia documents that “Time Magazine named Gates one of the 100 people who most influenced the 20th Century, as well as one of the 100 most influential people of 2004, 2005 and 2006” (Wikipedia 2013)*

B. Your reasons for selecting this person

1. Bill Gates is a pioneer of technological office products which forever changes how businesses are able streamline efficient technologies. Bill’s quest for knowledge of how things worked, and how they could be improved started in his formative years while attending the Lakeside School in Seattle Washington, where he took an interest in programming the new computer system the school had recently purchased. As a result of his expressed interest in this computer system “he was excused from Math classes to peruse his interest”. (Wikipedia 2013) *

2. I intend to utilize mainstream software as part of successful implementation for projects that I manage in technical in project management. I have a profound level of identifying things that do not work around me, and am constantly striving to question ways, and implement solutions that are going to streamline an efficiency. I Intend to utilize the products that Bill Gates has created for businesses, such as Microsoft Office Suite of Products, along with supplemental products such as Microsoft “Project” which are the most widely utilized programs in the currently among businesses.

V. Your own leadership qualities and success traits: As a leader I am capable of showing those around me a better more efficient way to manage tasks, I intent to continue to broaden this knowledge and share with others. My success traits are that I am extremely personable, and easy to interact with. My overall personality is very outgoing and friendly making fast friends in any environment. I have strong values and morals, which are easily recognized upon meeting with me. These traits are essential when forming relationships in any structure, especially in business.

A. My personal strengths that I am able to take and apply towards being a leader is having the Personality Type Assessment show me I am an “ENFP – The Inspirers” personality. Per the assessment I am creative and industrious; I am easily able to find success in activities and projects that are of interest to myself, and I am great at motivating others as well as being organized, however I am not overly fond of routine. Additionally the MIS assessment showed me that I am stimulated in my multiple intelligences by Rhythmic, Visual, Interpersonal, Body/kinetic and Intrapersonal learning styles. (Sherfield, Moody 2011)*

1. These assessment showed me that I am a compassionate, outgoing emotionally connected, perceptive individual that works well in dynamics with others where external stimulations such as visual, rhythmic, Interpersonal, Body/kinetic, and Intrapersonal interactions suit me best. These align with my values of compassion, caring, honesty and Respect. By understanding how I work best, I am better able to be a leader by utilizing my strengths to help hone those skills.

2. I am able to be successful by focusing on my ability to be an outgoing and emotionally invested leader – demonstrating that I am dynamic in how I can learn, lead and relate, therefore showing others dynamic ways of approaching related tasks, and embracing ideas.

3. I plan to employ my strengths by overall action. A person that is able to show and demonstrate excellent qualities will gain respect, and therefore earn the trust of those they are trying to lead.

B. The areas of weakness that I possess are related to how I handle conflict. Per the conflict management assessment I realize that I have a very strong ability to try and resolve conflict, I do however have room for improvement. I need to work better at becoming adept at handling conflict so that I may do well with mediation, negotiation and anger management. That will in turn make me more approachable so that people may turn to me in times of need for advice about conflicts and possible resolutions. (Sherfield, Moody 2011) *

1. The positive changes you need to make in order to resolve weaknesses: I need to focus on managing spikes in my anger towards people that manage to irritate me when I am trying to help them learn something. I will undoubtedly gain a higher level of respect by treating others with respect instead of allowing myself to become agitated at the pace or aptitude of others.

2. Your plan for resolving these weaknesses: to focus on moments when I feel myself become angered, and attempt to stop from speaking, or acting any further without first looking at the situation from a broader aspect, and seeing the potential areas for improvement.

VI. Conclusion

A. It is often the ones that get in trouble and challenge the status quo, that make the best innovators and leaders that shape our business to an ever growing and improving dynamic. Being a leader in this field takes courage, and a quest for the ever present “Why”. Those that challenge and ask why are often the ones that present new ideas to change our course as society. Strength and courage to continue challenging the status quo, and teaching others new ways is what defines a leader.

B. I feel that Bill Gates is an unequivocal pioneer in the field of business technology. He challenged so much about what was out there, and had the courage in his vision to make great changes. Bill Gates created systems and programs that would further streamline how businesses are able to conduct their day to day activities by creating and packaging licensed products that are essential tools for any successful business. I look forward to learning more about these programs, and to employ them when I am working in my field of study.

C. I plan to enroll in additional courses outside of the DeVry Degree Program that will provide me with additional training on Microsoft Suite of Applications specifically Microsoft SQL a server application that businesses utilize to extract data when executing systems testing requirements.

Schiff, J (2013 January 15). 7 Must-have Project Management Skills for IT Pros (1)
Sherfield, M. Moody P. (2001) Cornerstone: Creating success through positive change, Sixth Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson.
Williams, M. (2005, June). Leadership for leaders. London, GBR. Thorogood
Wikipedia. Bill Gates Retrieved October 1, 2013 at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Gates

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