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Challenging Controlling Images Stereotypes

Controlling images are stereotypes that are used against a marginalized group to portray social injustice as natural and inevitable parts of a normal life.[38] This controlling image is used in many settings, such as academia and the workplace, which affects the lives of black women. It silences black women, making them practically invisible in society.[36]

Jones et al. stated that, in 1851, Sojourner Truth, a black female civil rights advocate, disrupted and ultimately saved a Women’s Rights Convention when she asked, “Ain’t I a Woman?”.

[39] Jones et al. argued that this statement challenged white women to think about how differently they experienced womanhood from how black women experienced womanhood, adding that “Sojourner revealed that arguments used to subordinate White women were different from and at times contradicted by arguments that were used to subordinate Black women.”[39]

Jones et al. stated that while the experience of womanhood differs from ethnicity to ethnicity, “Sojourner exercised her powerful voice to expose and to resist: (1) the prioritization of White women’s needs; and (2) the assumption that White women’s experiences represent the experiences of all women, when in fact they do not.

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”[39] The controlling image present is that white women are the standard for everything, even oppression which is simply fals.

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