Challenges That Facing By Service Industry

In the services industry, the different organizations may stack up different challenges based on consideration like market sector, product and service type, or customer`s culture. So for these questions, I will state a few challenges that usually happen in the services industry. Firstly, a lack of listening skills. In the service industry, listening skills was an important skill to provide proper and correct services to our customer. But at the same time, it is also a fatal point to fail.

Nowadays, many companies and industries don’t listen to the customer’s needs and fail at the initial stages. As a professional of the service industry, we should spend time on listening to our customer and client needs or problem. Ask them for questions and try to solve their problems. We will learn more from the process when we listen rather than talking. The preference will be given more to you in this competitive industry if you are a good listener.

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The second challenge will be how to maintain relations with close clients. In the service industry, having our own loyal customers makes us proud and grateful, because out of our many customers, very few customers will be very close to us. So after providing them with services for a long time. It is necessary for us to understand how to deal with customers without destroying a good relationship.For that, we can prepare guidelines on how to maintain a good relationship with our close client and implement them daily.

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Next, fail to understand customer needs. Sometimes, we fail to understand customer problems due to they spoke a different language from us or they maybe don’t know the technical jargon to tell you exactly what the problem is. At the moment, we should tell our customer to calm down and ask the customer to take you step by step until understand what problem are they facing. During the process, we may try to take notes because it should help you to analyze the problem that your customer trying to tell. Sharing the problem with your colleague was also a way could help you solve the problem quickly.

At last, facing an irate customer. Dealing with angry customers is part of the deal you are entering a customer service job. There is no way to escape it. So when the situation happens, customer service staff should first listen to the customer`s complaints with patience. This will allows the angry customer to vent frustrations, and help to reduce the dissatisfaction of the angry customers. For the next step, find out the cause what makes customer angry and try to empathize customer’s anger. After that, apologize for the inconvenience you’ve caused to the customer. Then, follow that up by resolving the issue using clear steps and action items. Angry customers want to be heard. They want to make sure you can fix the issue and you cared about it. In the end, they’ll want to know that you won’t make the same mistake again.

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