Challenges Faced by the Graduating College Students of OMSC


Education is the transmission of knowledge and skills. Knowledge and skills are cultural; they are products of interaction of men among themselves. It should not be looked upon merely as schooling and the acquisition of academic subject matter but as part of life itself. Education prepares people to fit into society. It allows us to deal with experiences of life, friendship or even hatred, and how to face and use challenges. When these are done to make humans more human and make life better for the majority, then it is truly education.

(San Mateo, 2003)

College life is a peculiar time of life. It can be exciting especially when you meet new classmates and new friends. Perhaps even a new teacher can bring home excitement. Of course, there are the dry moments. It is not unusual to feel sleepy during some class periods. There are the “ups and downs” and the effort to pass courses. Castro, (2005).

Some people might say that college life is a stepping stone to a more promising future.

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It is a moment of preparation for the life of work and profession. It is a stage that may last for four or five years. When you graduate, you finish years of studies and you move on. You are probably looking forward to the day when you will start your search for a job.

However, there are many things that can still be happen before your last year. Can you really cross the challenges before your graduation? This is an evidence of education.

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The way you study and learn will equip you for the future. There is no need to keep on repeating the fact that any college student should study hard. A lot of effort and money are being spent to sustain four or five years of studies. (San Mateo, 2003)

Based from the feedbacks and testimonies of the previous graduates, they experienced several problems on their academic requirements before graduation. There are problems that usually affect the student such as misbehaviour, irregularity in attendance, failure to comply academic requirements, financial problems and others. Colinares, (2010) considered them as student at risk. They are student with a high probability of failing the required minimum academic skills necessary for graduation. When not properly handled this student would dropped from the class.

These issues motivate the researches to determine and analyze the root cause of these problems. Perhaps the findings of this research will be helpful in improving the services given to the graduating students. Education is life. We have to recognize that education is the key ingredient in building capable workforce and improving one’s economic prosperity. As teachers, we continually help making decisions on how to make their best to learn, develop and achieve their aspirations in their lives. Teachers and school officials should help design and implement strategies to improved student academic performance and educational outcomes.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To identify challenges encountered by the graduating college students of OMSC Murtha Campus
  2. To describe the root cause of their problems
  3. To analyze and suggest ways to overcome problems through benchmarking from other departments and other colleges.

Conceptual Framework

Figure 1. The research paradigm

Figure 1 shows the challenges encountered and the root cause of the problems faced by the graduating college students. The recommended suggestions will be the intervention to be used as reinforcement strategy in coping up the challenges encountered by the graduating college students.

Research Methodology

Research Design

This research will used the qualitative method through one of the most commonly utilized way of conversation the focus group discussion. The group will consist of six members to conduct FGD a semi structured questionnaire will serve as guide in asking questions. Soliciting the respondents typical experiences will be done individually. Focus group is effective in generating broad overviews of issues to a subgroups of person.

Respondents of the Study

There are 197 graduating students of OMSC- Murtha for the year 2018-2019 Random sampling will be used to represents a year level. The class officers will be the key informant in the study. A total of 62 participants will comprise the population of the study. The group will be divided into two groups. It is more convenient and realistic if smaller number of participants per group is being organized.

Research Instruments

Prior to the conduct of the study a permit from the office of the Student Affairs will be secured. The set of guide questions will be constructed and to make good field notes and transcripts. The audience will also be requested if we could use audio-record. If they will allow, audio recording will be a part of documentation. A bilingual interchange of ideas will be accepted.

Data Gathering Techniques

Using the focus group discussion, the sense of group feeling can be elicited. Scene setting and establishing ground rules should be done first then introduction of participants. Opening the topics and discussion may last for one and half hour. If the range of perspective is being reach and there is oneness in the issues taken, then it is considered as majority decision. The gathered raw data will be use as themes and will be used for data assessment.


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Challenges Faced by the Graduating College Students of OMSC

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