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Certain community Essay

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Nowadays people in the universe evolved in certain ways in which changes surrounded every single minute of life breathing. As we all live our life everyday, we are in the process of storing experiences which in fact such information about each single interaction that was made in the universe was stored in our mind to provide learning. Storing information had the wider and essential coordination with learning. The things that we encounter each day which are consider the information that will become as an experience later.

It is really mysterious though, how the human mind works, and how does the storing of information goes, and indeed that explains how crucial and unfathomable the exploration in dealing learning process. Where did it start? Lets try to imagine how we are when were little kiddos, we really can’t recall the things that we used to do then, that gives us the significance of who we are when grown ups. We all came from our mother’s womb and as we have given the time to see the real world and explore it, different things had shape each personalities that made us of who we are right now.

Each of us had cross the path in which our mind is crafted in every level of life changing structure where in to. The process that was made when we see the magnificent world of today and was able to discover what’s the purpose of life out in this real world and as personalities is being shape; this definitely involves information in which we stored, that will mold us in to personalities we are able to become later on. Dealing with changes is information storage, which gives us the opportunities for experiences that are meaningful. The information that we learned is being reproduced for the gaining of substantial knowledge and wisdom.

How about Today? Today there were rapid growths of learners who seek for more information, in order to evaluate and acquire, then use the information in more effective manner. There must be literacy skills among personalities in the society. It means that a person should have the initiative to solve problem when arises, decisions are made easier, critical and cooperative learning to pass all life’s challenges. In which every person is being trained in dealing with the societies uncertainties. There are massive forms of information stored, but learners are the captain of their minds as they go along with it.

Effectiveness of the stored information is based on how uniquely each individual performs in learning, and how they are able to deal in handling situations. So what will be tomorrow? As of the present time were technologies are being introduce. That offers greater help to the humankind in storing information in the small span of time, many had believed that it’s a great help in achieving greater knowledge in the world today. Technologies are the visualization of an improved and modernized society in which tasks are now made easier and performances are made faster.

Developments are now engage by sustaining the society with technologies that can provide broader and wider source of knowledge in which skills are dignified and establish in the required time. And what’s the fuzz? Technologies though had a great help in developing one’s skills, but there must be of proper care. Everyone must rely not on that, alone, it may shortened the time frame of a given task but we must be reminded that technologies are created by the human mind, it is invented, but look at the inner source, it’s the mind of a human that was put into a material to produce certain information.

Everyone of us had the mind to produce technologies, but lets always keep this in mind that technologies are just machines in which quality relies on the makers and producers, in either ways in due time it will not give its purpose anymore. I do believe personally that the greatest machine is the one who made it which is our mind. Regardless of what races where raised to, and in which class we belong, surely we are given the mind of its own, capable of doing magnificent things in which we hold further as we embrace the only constant thing in life and that is changes.

It’s up to us if we share or not, that enough information that will make source of an introduce technology. In which way or another we hold it as long as we still live in this world. The Impact of New Technologies The impact of new technologies in information skills especially in business is often contemplated by the variety of reasons. One thing is that it is the fastest way of communication in sharing information from one respondent to another. It is believe that these technologies will improve capabilities in an organization.

However, in business there is some sort of reconsideration for the fact that it may share information’s to other sectors, that would somehow exploit it, but shared information of new technologies will always been accompanied by remedial actions of the manufacturer itself, it just need to be properly care and all important tools for the information stored will not be exploit. We belong to the fast changing world and new technologies as it is widely spread nowadays will help us improve and achieve success but only if we take precautious methods in using it.

It is also helpful in joining the globalization just for the fact that globalization is for improving and fast variety of development in a certain community. New technologies will always be part of globalization it is good to cope for that matter as for businesses concerns as long as we take note of possible circumstances in indulging globalization with new technologies, proper care and guidelines of newly introduced technologies will certainly rises us from our sets, only if handled with knowledge and wisdom in those aspect.

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