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Ceo Position Essay

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What are some advantages and disadvantages of being in the CEO position? (chapter:8 Q:2) Being in the position of the Chief Executive Officer shows that people trust you and that you know what your business is about. I think one of the biggest advantages is that you actually have to say something and that you are in a position where employees as well as customers listen to your statements and opinions. Being in this position also retains you certain decision making capabilities that you can use push the company in a certain direction. Maybe one of the disadvantages could be the responsibility that you need to take in this position.

This responsibility is very great because the company is now under your hands. Of course some CEO’s have more power than others but in one fact they are all the same. The CEO is the face of a company and as such every mistake he makes can flatten the image of the company in the public. Of course there are some more benefits of being the CEO. Besides earning an extremely high salary some CEO’s will also receive numerous of bonuses or access to company stock options. The salaries of CEO’s are among the highest in the company that they lead and are about 10-250 times higher than the average salary in the company.

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Using an Internet search engine, search for “strategic alliance” and identify three recently formed alliances.(chapter:9 Q:6) One of the alliances of the past years was formed by Apple, Sony Motorola, Phillis and AT&T. Apple has also partnered more recently with Clearwell in order to jointly develop Clearwell’s E-Discovery platform for the Apple iPad. The idea behind E-Discovery is that it can be used by enterprises and legal entities to pull up information as well as documents in a legal manner. Another recently formed Strategic Alliance is the between Lamborghini and Callaway.

The reason for this alliance is the new concept car, the so called Sesto Elemento which is made of a new material named forged composite. This new material comes with two features that make it perfect for building super cars. It is not only stronger than titanium but also has only one third of the density. The two companies developed the material together. And the good about this merge is that today, both teams have produced new products that allow them to share strategic sizzle without any marketplace competition.

Another alliance is formed by BenQ and Phillips. BenQ Corporation is known as a major Taiwanese mobile phone and display maker and Philips Electronics. The idea is to develop and make optical storage products. This partnership also aims to attract more “knowledge based” industries to Taiwan. What is a “test”? Give some examples of test used by employers.(chapter:10 Q:5) A test is basically a method of checking the specific knowledge, or other variables of a person in a specific field. Some typical tests used by employers are the situation judgment test and the job knowledge test.

Where the second one basically tests on someone’s dry knowledge about the field that applies for, the first one on the other hand is a test which encourages the person for critical thinking and checks for his ability to make discussions under pressure. What distinction can you make between affirmative action and managing diversity?(Chapter:11 Q:3) In my eyes the differences between affirmative action and managing diversity are that managing diversity is driven by strategic aspects while affirmative action is ultimately driven by law. Another difference is the group that they are aiming at. While Affirmative action cares only about the people who were in a disadvantage before, diversity management cares about both, the one that was in advantage and the one that was in a disadvantage position. Basically diversity encompasses everyone in the workspace.

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