Century Essay Topics

Government control

There are many challenges that have to be faced by humanity in the twenty first century. Some of these challenges are major that have to be addressed immediately while there are some challenges that do not require immediate action. The stronger nations are somehow able to tackle some issues but still there are some issues… View Article

Early Twentieth Century American Literature

It is fascinating the sheer number of themes that a relatively short period of literature can bring up and deal with. This is most certainly the case with American literature as it turned the corner from the nineteenth to twentieth centuries. Diverse genres as poetry, such as Edwin Arlington Robinson’s Miniver Cheevy and My Papa’s… View Article

Early Seventeenth Century Literature

The earlier seventeenth century is famous for such writers as William Shakespeare, Lope de Vega, Miguel de Cervantes, Francis Bacon etc. Literature is always depends on political situation in the world and, surely, art trends. Seventeenth century – is the bloom of reformation and struggle against Catholicity and this fact has its reflection in the… View Article

A New Realism-Crafting a US Foreign Policy for a New Century

The political turmoil that the United States had yet to face in the 21st century was manifested in one brutal fell swoop on September 11, 2001, when thousands of innocent Americans were slaughtered on their native soil at the hands of vicious and brutal foreign operatives whose goal was to strike terror into the heart… View Article

Black Consciousness in the Twentieth Century

Ralph Ellison began his 1952 novel with the sentence; “I am an invisible man. ” (Ellison 3) These five words summed up the way in which the majority of Black Americans felt about their place in society at the time. The Civil Rights Movement was still years away, and the caste of American society had… View Article

Best Novel of the Twentieth Century

Best Novel of the Twentieth Century Alfred Nobel gave his last name to one of the most prestigious literature prizes today. He specified that the award should go to ‘the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in the ideal direction’ (Cited in Danson & Gupta, 2005) Over… View Article