Center Essay Topics

The Kennedy Space Center

I am the most typical American man who is born in Pensacola Florida. Most people dream of visiting Florida, but I get to live there. What I find interesting about Florida is that it was part of Spain until 1845, when it became a State of the United States; making it the twenty seventh State… View Article

Critical Review of a scientific paper

The purpose of the study is to compare the efficacy of two chromogenic media in on rapid detection of Vancomyin Resistant Enterecocci (VRE). The two chromogenic media under study are Chromoagar VRE (CHR) a formulation that originates from France and chomID VRE (C-ID), a formulation that originates from Germany. The introduction reveals the need to… View Article

Department of Homeland Security

Returning from a vacation to Germany in February, freelance journalist Bill Hogan was selected for additional screening by customs officials at Dulles International Airport outside Washington. Agents searched his luggage, he said, “then they told me that they were impounding my laptop. ” Shaken by the encounter, Hogan examined his bags and found the agents… View Article

National Stepfamily Resource Center

The first step towards blending of a stepfamily is both parents taking a commitment to constantly work at their problems and not give up when the going gets tough. Both of them have to understand the complexity of the situation before getting into it, since children with sensitive minds are going to be involved in… View Article