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Celebrity Mums, are They Good Role Models? Essay

When I was a young girl my grandma always used to say, “remember my darlings, money can buy you a bed but not sleep, money can buy you a house not home, and money can buy you finery not beauty.” At that stage in my life I never really understood what she meant, for I was a princess wearing my diamond encrusted crown and rich billowing gowns, and at any offer of ‘more jewels my lady’ I would smile with glee. Well that’s what I used to imagine any way. It wasn’t until I was asked to write this article until I started to think about my child hood again, and how much influence the media has on impressioning the culture around us. I know have to argue whether I think these influences are out weighed by the bad or good side of celebrity parents.

This is a hard argument to balance as all we ever seem to read is car crash Celebes on their way in or out of rehab, showing them selves up. And sadly this seems to becoming the majority rather than minority within celebrity star status. Not only are they ruining their lives, but also their children. I think half of them forget this, and think that money will buy them a happy family. But this doesn’t happen, it’s something you have to work at. And to work at something, you have to actually be able to care, and bond with your children. Prime examples of this are Britney Spears, and Kate Moss. They both are wild party girls, who have dabbled in alcohol, drugs and bad relationships, and are rarely seen spending quality family time with their children. Call me old fashioned but children need stability, and guidance. This sort of behaviour does not set a good example for them, let alone the public eye, and easily manipulated young people looking up to them.

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There are also the celebrities who have tried to separate their carrier from their life, like Jordan. But I still feel she gives off a signal that it is normal to be used for her body. How can she explain to her children about right and wrong with the career she chose, without being a hypocrite? Similarly she exploits her children to their full with photo shoots and magazine covers for various magazines like “OK”.

However there are other celebrity mum’s who don’t get as much coverage, or praise for the great job that they do. Not only do they set high standards for themselves but also for their children. Angelina Jolie is one of the most inspirational women of our time, with her work promoting humanitarian causes through out the world, as well as helping the group UNHCR aiding refugees. She is a successful businesswomen, and mother of three, two of which she has adopted from third world countries. Alike is the British actress Kate Winslet, as she tries to keep her children very low profile, and out of the media spot light.

This sort of parenting should have far greater recognition in our media, and should be applauded rather than forgotten.

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