Celebrities in politics Essay

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Celebrities in politics

I will get straight to the point, I believe that when celebrities get involved in politics they draw attention away from the actual political issues and campaigns at hand.

Having film stars in politics for endorsements will definitely draw a crowds and more importantly votes. Because people love and become inspired by the characters played by an individual and in the end they are in fact become blinded by who that individual really is. It is as if you give a dangerous person, or as I will refer to him as, “an evil dower” some candy. Now a politician by him self is an evil dower who does not have candy. Without the candy it is very hard for an evil dower to attract little children into a car but as soon a candy, or even better a child’s favorite candy is introduced, this when put into context being a favorite actor, that is all the child sees and is blinded to whomever posses the candy, thus getting into the car. This in essence is basically the reaction of an obsessed fan when celebrities become involved in politics.

If you really want to dissect the purpose for celebrities in politics, or celebrity endorsements in general you are able to create six different categories, establishing credibility, attracting attention, associative benefits, psychographic connection, demographic connection and mass appeal. What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing! All the reasons why celebrities are brought into an election are reasons that should be irrelevant to the voters. Most celebrities have never actually done any social work, some of them are unaware of what’s going on, in the past some celebrities have actually debated the ideals of another individual that was in there own party without actually knowing it.

Up to now I have only been referring to actors as being celebrities but if we look it up in the dictionary, a celebrity is simply a famous person, renown fame. Doesn’t that mean a politician could in fact also be a celebrity? Yes, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln ,where politicians and celebrities in there own respect and got there fame from battles they won, world changing events they where part of. The difference between them and a modern day actors is they became famous for the things they did, it was who they where not a mask. But on the contrary this could also work against a politition, for instance Bill Clinton, we don’t remember him for being the president who sent the most troops into war ever or getting the United States out of a 250 billion dollar debt, no, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Bill Clinton is Monica Lewinski.

I’m not saying he didn’t do a lot of good things for the county Im just saying that’s what he got the most publicity for. All this time wasted just because they wanted to know if he lied. This is how celebrity gets in the way of politics, instead of speculating about impeaching the president for getting a blow job they should have been using there resources to gather more intelligence about terrorist activity in the middle east. At this time the president was no longer a polition, he was a celebrity, another Paris Hilton, instead of a tape it was a dress.

Let’s face it though, when it comes to celebrities and politics. Celebrities are simply more entertaining. Who would you rather see in an interview, Sonny Perdue (Governor or Georgia) or The Rock.

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