Cebu My Hometown Essay

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Cebu My Hometown

Cebu is located in central visayas approximately 1 hour from manila via airplane, Cebu is known for delicious roasted pork and famous in the works of guitars and delicious pastries. Cebu is one of the famous cities around the country as “Famous Places in Philippines” by ShareRanks three years ago. I will tell you the beautiful sights and relaxing places located in Cebu but not all. First is the Trans-central Highway a 33 kilometer long road from barangay Lahug Cebu city to Balamban(my home town). Some views in Trans-central are breath taking, and it is a 930 ft. above sea level highway.

Island in the Sky is one of the best place to visit in Trans-central Highway, they have a small swimming pool and a short hanging bridge, and cottages that you can hang out and eat with your family and friends. Adventure Cafe also located in Trans-central Highway, walking distance from Island in the Sky, and good thing about Adventure Cafe is their adventure base activities such as zip line, wall climbing, rappelling, and stress walk, but honestly haven’t tried their activies, maybe when I go back. There are more place to visit in Trans-central Highway, buy i can only mention two places you can visit.

And the last place I want to share is the Whale shark watching, it’s not in Trans-central Highway, there is no whales in 930 ft. above sea level. (haha) It is located in Tan-awan, Oslob, Cebu, 2-3 hours travel or around 177 kilometers south from the Cebu City. There are beaches that offers a tour and rentals for motor banka, but it is very expensive for non-Oslob residents. Whale shark watching is not only available in south side Cebu, but also in north side Cebu. So today I told you the beauty that you can find in my home town, But that’s not all, there are plenty of places you can discover by yourself.

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