CDA competency goal Essay

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CDA competency goal

In order to provide a safe environment to prevent injuries I’d do the following: •I would check every toy and equipment the children will be occupying for broken or missing parts often, to ensure that they remain safe for use and play. •I would make sure that all chemicals and cleaning supplies are put away out of the reach of children or stored away in locked cabinets to prevent injury or poisoning, I would also baby proof every corner of each table and make sure to place an outlet plug on each power outlet, to make sure that no child ever bumps their fragile heads and gets shocked at any point in time •I would liked to be trained in emergency evacuation procedures and plans so I know what to do if there ever is a tornado, hurricane or in the events of a fire so that I am able to remove all children from the classroom and/or building to safety. •I am training to be certified in First Aid and CPR,which makes me knowledgeable of caring for accidents and injuries. Functional Area #2 – Healthy:

In order to provide an environment that promotes health and prevents illness, and teaches children about good nutrition and practices that promote wellness, I would ensure to do the following: •I’d sanitize all toys daily and immediately after being put into a child’s mouth, to prevent the spread of germs. •I will wash my hands and wear gloves before and while handling food, I would clean my hands after handling food, helping with toileting, cleaning noses to prevent germs from being spread •I will follow the center’s policies for sick children to prevent other illnesses throughout the classroom. Functional Area #3 – Learning Environment:

In order to use relationships, the physical space, materials, daily schedule, and routines provided to create a secure, interesting, and an amusing environment that promotes engagement, entertaining exploration, and learning of all children including children with disabilities and special needs, I would take these necessary precautions: Well arranged space , which meets the developmental needs of children during routines and play, is provided. A variety of developmentally and age appropriate materials are available. Materials that will be used for play are well-organized.

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