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Causes of the French Revolution Essay

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The French Revolution had many causes including; economic, political, and geographic factors that built up until people decided to take a stand. An example of this is in document number eleven which has both —– and —– factors from a social science perspective. This document shows the members of the national assembly who decided to take a stand and vowed to not separate until they made a constitution later known as the “Tennis Court Oath”. This document really shows the persistence the people of France had to make life equally fair for both the royals, peasants and everyone in between.

As you now know there are many factors that led up to the French Revolution and one of the biggest causes was economic crisis. While the royal family was happy having banquets the people of France were starving and many could barely afford the price of a four pond loaf of bread. In document number fifteen it shows how the price of bread skyrocketed in just a year’s time and how much of a person’s income was spent on bread.

Not only was the price outrageous but it was the main element in their diet so they could not go without it. This document is a secondary source and it shows both political and economic views in a social science perspective.

Another example of economic disarray is in document number ten. In this document it shows the financial problems in France during 1789. The economy was so unhealthy that not only were the urban commoners in debt the king also was. When adding up the price of food, rent, tithe, taxes, and clothing it put the commoners at an astonishing 170% total, and although it was a lesser amount the king was also in debt by a whopping 60%. This document has both political and economic points and even though it is a secondary source it really makes you think about how hard it must have been for the people to just survive.

Throughout history there have been many people who wanted power, to be a leader and stand over others and show that they are of a greater class. And to the people king Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were trying to show their dominance. Political views have always been a big part of society and they were also a huge contributor to the start of the French Revolution. Document number one has a painting for both King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette which clearly shows that they are rich and powerful. As you look at Marie in this picture you can see that she had no problem paying a price to look beautiful and Louis wardrobe indicates that he has big luxuries and they love to show it.

This document is a primary source and has political, economic, and cultural perspectives. Another great example for a political cause is document number three. This document not only has a political perspective it also shows economic, cultural, and psychologically perspectives in a primary source. It talks about the hardships a woman and her husband are facing trying to meet the demands of the royals, the document states “The taxes and feudal dues are crushing us.” What sent many people over the edge was not being treated fairly until they finally snapped.

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