Causes and Effects of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the practice of taking course credit for the work which is done by someone else. It is an act of intellectual dishonesty. According to the Cambridge dictionary, Plagiarism is defined as the process or practice of using another person’s ideas and work and pretending that as is our work. In colleges and universities, most of the students submit another’s work as their work, and they get plagiarized, which is the major concern. There is many plagiarism detection software, which shows the plagiarized content at an alarming rate and the student who pretend this crime, suspended from college or university(Sibomana, et al.

, 2018). The major causes of plagiarism are ease of use of the internet and poor time management which leads to the loss of academic grades and trust.

The major cause of getting plagiarized is due to the ease of use of the internet. Due to the rapid increase in technology, students have direct access to many sources that are available online.

Whenever they get assignments and projects from colleges and schools, instead of studying books and reading materials from libraries which are quite complicated, they prefer to copy work from the online sources(Howard, et al.,2009). Due to laziness and lack of interest, they use such sources that are non-trustable and less reliable for their assignments to get good grades. They paraphrase the other’s work and ideas and think that they are using few words of another which is not plagiarism but gets plagiarized.

The second main cause of plagiarism is poor management of time.

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Students usually prefer to start work on their assignments when the due date comes close to submit the assignment and sometimes are to be submitted quite earlier. In this situation, they are failed to manage their time properly and do not study their work thoroughly(Diego,2017). So, only the thing that comes into their mind is to plagiarize another’s work. For instance, international students usually do their assignments late because they have to do study, work, and talk to family and due to lack of time, they choose the easiest way to copy another’s ideas and submit them as their work. These causes lead students to many harmful effects of which they are not aware of.

The most hurtful effect is that students lose academic grades. The students try to get good grades in their academic performances and with this desire, they copy the ideas of another person to make their work more interesting and complex. The work then they submit get fully plagiarized, and they get zero which decreases their academic performance and sometimes students fail the course as well(Anon.,2020). Students lose trust and respect for their instructor and classmates who submit the plagiarized work which is a profoundly serious problem for the relationship between student and instructor which relies on trust and respect.

To sum up, plagiarism is an illegal act and a serious problem in the education field nowadays. In this modern era, the ease of the internet, modern technology, and the busy lifestyle are the main reasons why students plagiarize, but they put their future and academic performance at risk. It is especially important to know what constitutes plagiarism and essential to avoid it for a better future. The students will never copy other’s work when they learn about the consequences of plagiarism.


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