Cause of Pollution Essay

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Cause of Pollution

Nowadays, people use different methods of mass media to express their concern about which sources cause (the ) pollution, and which consequences will be lead from it. This essay will try TO FIND OUT ABOUT (learning) these causes and effects of the pollution.

There are different sources, which badly affect our environment. Different kinds of car, trucks on THE street day by day not only cause (the) noise in cities, but also damage clean air. Industrial plants, factories throw into the air huge amountS of waste. Green forests in the past are being cut down for producing wood production or for new areas of land. Dirty water from living buildings/PEOPLE’S HOUSES, from industrial zones is soured/POURED directly into rivers. We now face different kinds of pollution: air, water, noise and lack of green areas.

From THE reasons mentioned above, our environment is changing. The air become less clean than ever before, many people now wearing/WEAR maskS when THEY WALK IN THE STREETS going on streets. THE Temperature becomes higher, cities’ air/THE AIR IN CITIES becomes hotter, and water in oceans becomes warmer. Many old green forests are like a bald hill when looking/YOU SEE THEM from ANairplane.

The effects cannot be good for the environment itself, as well as for the people. Floods are so dangerous, but they are now very popular/COMMON everywhere in the world and are mentioned daily on TV. At the same time, some green areas return into death/TURN BACK INTO DEAD deserts. Just only these things are capable to damage/OF DAMAGING our world.

There are many efforts are begin held for environment protectionWHICH ARE BEING STARTED TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. But there is one more important thing WHICH must be cared/CARRIED about: we must stop harmful to our /STOP CAUSING HARM TO THE EVIRONMENT BY OUR ACTIONSenvironment actions.

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