Cause of action assignment Essay

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Cause of action assignment

Task A
(1) ‘Duty of care’ means to exercise a degree of attention and caution to avoid negligence which would lead to harm. Duty of care in a childcare setting is keeping children and young people safe, protecting them not only from physical harm but also emotional and sexual harm. Working with children and young people need a significant amount of duty of care, the younger and more vulnerable the child the greater the duty of care because of a child’s limited ability to care for themselves. Good vigilance is needed to keep a child safe, for example to foresee and cope with potential dangers. This extends to respecting the rights, cultural beliefs and values of the parents and family.

(2) Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding and protection aspects of a setting. An example would be carrying out risk assessments to prevent potential hazards which would then reduce the risk of harm to the children. A further example would be setting clear boundaries/ expectations by communicating with the children what is unacceptable behaviour. Consistent reinforcement of this may be necessary to discourage the children from repeating hazardous behaviour that could cause harm to themselves or others. Understanding of the signs of neglect/abuse if any signs/indicators of abuse or neglect were noticed they should be reported to the relevant third parties to protect the child. Making observations and assessing children help to check to see if individual children are progressing and developing at suitable rates, if not so then I would need to take relevant action with other parties such as parents or professionals

Task B
Example of potential conflict orDilemma | How to manage the risk| Where to get additional support| Risk taking – such as a child accidently slipping of a step of a climbing frame and the child’s parents asking for that equipment to be put away, this would conflict with all children’s opportunity to develop and learn | The risk would be managed by explaining that in order for children to learn to cope with risky situationsand acquire life and physical skills these small risks must be taken, in asafe
environment. Also by filling ina risk assessment to minimize any risk | People such as my room supervisor, Manager or Ofsted, the EYFS may also be helpful | Confidentiality- such as if there was concerns we had about abuse of achild, in order to safeguard it mayoverride the families right to privacy .| It would be managed by only sharing the information with appropriateprofessionals to protect the right to privacy | I would share the information with Only my room supervisor/managerFor advice on what steps to take and Refer to the polices and procedures On safeguarding | Weather disturbance- such as it’s wet and cold outside but the children wantto have their outside play| Make sure a full risk assessment is completed (including all wet/slippy equipment is wiped down and large puddles are brushed away), all children have suitable clothing and shorten the length of time they’re outside for| Refer to the EYFS that states childrenShould have outside play and also Discuss with colleges |

Task C
The main points of a complaints procedure include ensuring complaints are handled in a way that protects the rights of individuals involved. Issues or concerns are encouraged to be resolved verbally as they arise. If a concern cannot be resolved immediately the person raising the concern should ask to speak with a manager, and a meeting can be arranged at a certain place and time. If satisfactory resolution still can’t be found, a written formal complaint can be raised. If the manager feels that the situation is a child protection allegation, they should inform the designated child protection officer. If any individual involved in the complaint has reason to believe a criminal offense has been committed then they will contact the police.

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