Cause and Effect of School Bullying

In today’s society bullying is playing a big roll in schools. A ratio of 1:3 student have committed suicide or committed some kind of crime due to the act of being bullied. The kids who are being bullied are not only victims but the kids who are doing the bullying are victims also. If they are bullying they are having some type of problems at home. Not only that they have insecurities issues of some kind. This sometimes causes them to pick on people that have lower self-esteem issues than they have.

Maybe this kids is overweight or maybe they wear glasses or even sometime they pick on people now a days from having slight mental illnesses. Bullying don’t always affect the kid it also affects the family. But it doesn’t always end in bad things in cases such as mines. On a personal note being a victim of bullying’ it did give me self-esteem issues. But those self-esteem issues became much bigger then my problems and I overcame them.

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I was bullied all throughout elementary, middle, and high school but only in the 9th grade.

They talked about my legs, they talked about my chest, they talked about my teeth, pretty much anything they can talk about on me it was done. Was even just picked on and told that I was an ugly little girl. It had me down but when maturity hit for me those same guys and girls started to like me more. The biggest tease of them all was having short hair.

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It only encouraged me more to bring out my true beauty. So like said before bullying has cause me to be more open about everything even my sexuality which back then I was teased about but now I embrace being a lesbian.

I think that only strong minded people can actually do some of the things I have done after being bullied. Now today I have grown beautifully and very successful if I must say. My past may hinder me a slight bit but there are still methods of me overcoming them. Based on my research if a student is lacking any types of family support, the effects can be more devastating. In some cases some kids that are affects by any type of traumatic events may disassociate themselves from the traumatic situation and absorb themselves in bad behavior.

Sometimes they think that this negative attention is a good thing to help secure themselves. Something like when most kids mis-behave when their parents get divorces (Zigler, 2002). The only way they can cope is by doing wrong. Many kids who are affected by bullying can have their develop mental processes and some part of their brain affected by the events. In a recent survey of 1. 965 students between 7th and 12 grade 48% have reported being harassed in some kind of way by other students. (Anderson, 2011)

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